We’ve all got that picture in our heads – the perfect home to wake up in and come back to after a long day. Whether it’s cool and contemporary or warm and welcoming, a place you can chill out or a perfectly styled masterpiece, we know what we want. What we don’t always know is how to get it!

How many times have you seen a photo in a magazine or a room on TV and thought ‘Ooh, that would look amazing in our…’? Somehow the task always seems too daunting, too costly, too time-consuming or just too much work. The idea gets pushed to the back of our minds and to the bottom of the to-do list, usually dropping off entirely when day-to-day life gets in the way.

Working with colour, we’ve put together a video to show you just how easy it can be to change the feel of a room. With just a few simple changes you can give a room a totally new look without wasting the whole weekend or bruising your bank account. Take a look…


And here’s how you can get from moodboard to room…

Warm & cosy


Wilko Rising Dawn matt emulsionWilko Cosy Grey silk emulsionErin wallpaper

Wilko Rising Dawn paint (1.25l) – £9.95 

Wilko Cosy Grey paint – Was £13.95, Now £10

Erin red wallpaper£5


Brown & red floral cushion  Red ribbed cushionwooden ampersand ornament Premium charcoal curtains

Red floral cushion £7 (or 2 for £12!)

Red ribbed cushion£8.50

Wooden “&” sign £8

Charcoal premium curtains£70

Circles wall art  Hardwood Venetian blindWilko wooden vaseWilko red irregular vase

Circle wall art – £20

Hardwood oak Venetian blind£30

Wooden vase £12

Red ribbed vase£10

Light & cool


Wilko Pearl Grey emulsionWilko Moonlight White emulsion

Wilko Pearl Grey durable matt emulsion (2.5l)- £17.75

Moonlight White matt emulsion (2.5l) – Was £13.95, Now £10


grey bottle vase oatmeal sparkle rug bird applique cushion wooden framed clock

Wilko wooden-framed clock – £10

Oatmeal sparkle rug (80 x 140cm) – £37.50

Bird cushion£6.50

Grey bottle vase – £8

green enamel jug lace effect vase peonies wall art tab top voile panel

Lace effect vase£7

Tab top voile – £8

Peony in vase wall art – £12

Green jug£5

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