We’ve got a great, fun activity for when it’s rainy and the kids are bored and stuck for something to do… making your own pirate ship!

all you need to make your own pirate ship

What you’ll need

  • Juice or milk carton
  • Plasticine or modelling clay
  • Straw or lolly stick
  • Pencils, pens and paints
  • Paper or fabric
  • Pirate stickers

How to make it

1. Wash your juice/milk carton in warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly.

2. Cut off one of the long sides of your carton to make the hull of your pirate ship. Make sure you ask an adult to help with this!!

making a pirate ship

3. Roll a small ball of Plasticine and stick in the middle of your pirate ship’s hull.

4. Take the straw/stick and press it upright into the ball of Plasticine. This makes your ship’s mast!

making your own pirate ship

5. Draw out two squares of paper, one slightly smaller than the other, and cut out. Again, ask an adult to help with this. These will be your ship’s sails. Decorate them using stickers, pens, crayons, paints, any way you like!

6. Ask an adult to help you make 2 small holes in each square, one at the top and one at the bottom. Push the mast of your ship through these holes – voilà, your sails are ready!

7. Paint your pirate ship any colour you choose!

finished pirate ship

8. Ahoy there! You’re ready to set sail, Shipmate!

Hints & Tips

Add a section from an eggbox to the top of your mast for a lookout tower

Add other masts and sails to your ship.

Cut pirate characters out of paper, or add your own toy figures if you have them.

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