When you’re decorating your house for the festive season, a wreath is one of those Christmas staples that you just can’t go without. So why not add the personal touch to your front door and get creative with your own handmade wreath?

It’s easy to create your perfect Christmas wreath or garland, simply follow our steps below:

1. Start with your base

First, you’ll need either a wire wreath or wicker wreath to use as a base to your creation.

2. Select your foliage

Natural foliage

If you’re using natural foliage, simply take sprigs of your favourite plants and attach them to your base with hobby wire! Wrap the wire around a small bunch or sprig, and then attach the ends of the wire to the wreath.

Top tip: Have a look in your garden for evergreen plants – and just choose the ones you like the look of! Popular plants include pine, holly, ivy, or box hedge sprigs… or you could even use herbs like lavender, rosemary or bay leaves, which not only look good but smell good too!

Artificial foliage

For a wreath that survives year after year, you might prefer to use an artificial wreath base, perhaps with a few extra artificial sprigs of different colours and textures.

Simply place your chosen foliage onto your wreath and secure it in place with wire – it couldn’t be easier.


From left:

  • Christmas holly pick
  • Christmas eucalyptus with glitter
  • Christmas glittery fern pick

3. Decorate with festive accessories

Make sure you dress up your wreath with plenty of festive accessories. You can choose from our whole range of wreath accessories.

These accessories are perfect for both artificial and real wreaths:

From left:

  • Cinnamon bundles
  • Apples on wires
  • Snowy cones

Top tip: This is the perfect way to add a bit of your personality, so why not think outside the box and find some extra decorations from around the house?

From spare wine corks or miniature baubles , you can nestle them away in the branches for a modern wreath that’s completely unique!

4. Add the finishing touches

Here’s your chance to add some small finishing touches for a bit of Christmas magic.

Our Micro LED Lights use a thin, flexible wire which you can bend around your wreath and position exactly where you want. They’re battery operated and perfect for adding some glitz to your wreath!

Or for that extra special touch, why not give your wreath a quick coating of snow spray? You can also use it on your tree, or spray some pine cones and place them in a bowl for a simple festive table decoration!

5. Hang it up

Once you’ve finished your one-of-a-kind wreath, you’ll want to hang it pride of place on your front door! A metal wreath hanger is just the job – all you need to do is place your wreath onto the hanger and hook it over your door.

Or, for uPVC doors, look out for our suction hooks which simply stick to your door – and after Christmas they can be easily removed without damaging your door.

6. Or if you don’t have the time…

Because it’s such a busy time of the year, we know you might not have the time to make your own wreath. So if you’d rather buy one ready-made, we’ve got plenty of pre-made options too! From traditional to enchanting fairytale-inspired, we’ve styles for every taste.


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