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The Unearthed collection is all about taking inspiration from different styles and trends around the globe and making your own statement. Containing an eclectic mix of vibrant colours, motifs and patterns, this collection makes it easy to let out your natural creative edge. The Unearthed home trend will help you say yes to being vibrant and yes to stepping out of your comfort zone, with the end result being a timeless, trendy interior style for your home that you’ll love for years to come.

2017 is a year for the bold. It’s time to step away from comfortable, quiet designs and choose a scheme that’s opinionated and not afraid to make people stare. A combination of romance and bohemian style, the Unearthed collection nails being self-indulgent and impactful. To kick off your interior transformation it’s time to get brave with your walls…

Exotic wallpaper and adventurous colour

Choose statement wallpaper that will wow your guests the moment they walk into your room. For a dramatic feature wall, we love the Arthouse Tropical Palm Green Wallpaper, which will create a base that will instantly set off the rest of this collection’s style.

2017 colour trends are bowing to rich, opulent jewel tones, playing into the self-indulgent theme that’s so prevalent in design styles this spring/summer. Don’t shy away from dark, intense colours for your walls, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a lot of natural light in your space. We’ve fallen head over heels for Wilko Statement Matt Emulsion Paint After Hours. With such a deep, elegant shade as this, you’ll want it for more than just a feature wall – be brave and coat every wall in this decadent, beautiful colour. For the biggest impact, paint your ceiling in a crisp white paint – this will help to open up your room as well.

For even more decorating inspiration, check out our full range of wallpaper and paint from the Unearthed collection.

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Vibrant accessories

Bag this look by mixing contrasting patterns and vibrant colours inspired by different continents around the globe. A simple but effective way to do this is by bringing back souvenirs and home accessories from your holidays and day trips to remind you of places you’ve been. Intertwine these personal items with some of our impactful design pieces and you’ll always be onto a winner.

We absolutely adore this white textured lamp for effortlessly adding some charming style to your space. With so many bold, bright colours available in the collection, this lamp is essential for bringing some calm back into the balance. The bold texture will help to subtly introduce more texture into your space as well. Create a warm atmosphere by turning off the main light and utilising your choice of accessories even further with candles that add to your colour scheme. Throw in some complementing cushions to tie all your colours together to create a unified finish.

For more accessorising motivation, explore our full range of Unearthed home accessories.

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It’s a plant life

More and more, people are becoming aware that nature is beneficial for both health and happiness. Injecting some of that nature into our homes has therefore become more important than ever. It’s all about finding ways to harmonise our busy indoor lives with the great outdoors. There are several easy ways to bring the feel of outdoor life into your home, and this collection makes it easier than ever.

Finding creative ways to display fresh flowers will help make a feature of your foliage. These retro tin jugs are perfect for the job, and will tie the colours of this collection together beautifully. To introduce another material into your space, choose this hammered large gold vase. Whether you use it to display a few stems of your favourite flowers or make a real feature of it with some of our light-up cream twigs, the gold-effect hammered texture of the vase will add another layer to the design of your room and create a gorgeous contrast to deep blue walls.

If you want to inject some plant life into your space but have to admit that you’re just never going to be green-fingered, fear not! Our realistic artificial plants will have all the impact of living plants with none of the fuss!

Wow-factor wall art

If you’ve been brave and chosen a deep, rich colour for your walls, it’s still important to accessorise with beautiful standout wall art. Mixing rich colours with jungle-inspired designs and prints is what this collection is all about. We think our Metal Leaf Wall Art creates a beautiful focal point and will contrast beautifully against a deep, bold colour such as the Wilko Statement After Hours or Wilko Statement Urban Jungle paint. Inject instant personality with this gorgeous Hummingbird Canvas Set of 3 – there’s even a matching cushion to complete the look! Choosing wall art that’s inspired by greenery and the great outdoors will help you bring some of the natural world indoors whilst staying on point with one of this year’s biggest trends.

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You can shop the entire Unearthed collection online – and don’t forget to share your interior design skills with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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