It’s holiday time! Before the fun begins though it’s time to start packing and make sure you have everything you need for your travels.

At Wilko we have a fabulous and affordable range of luggage and accessories from cabin bags and suitcases to all the essential accessories like scales, locks and adapters. We even have handy space saving must haves like folding tooth brushes, micro fibre towels, airtight, roll-able travel bags and beauty minis – perfect when space is limited.

Top tips for packing

  • Always check with your airline the number of bags, the weight and size you are able to check in. Not knowing until you arrive can prove costly
  • Always label your luggage and try to make it stand out from the crowd with bright luggage straps or tags, helping to identify it quickly at the carousel upon arrival
  • If two or more people are travelling, split belongings between cases so that if one case does go missing, each of you will still have a change of clothes
  • Never put anything you would hate to lose in your checked luggage
  • Always lock your checked bags: an unlocked suitcase could invalidate your insurance
  • Remember, if you are travelling to the States, you must use cases fitted with TSA-approved locks (which can be opened with special equipment by Transportation Security Administration). You can find more info at
  • Roll clothes and use vacuum compression bags- a great way to save space!
  • Holiday packing list- check out our holiday check list blog for the ultimate guide to what to pack
  • Have essentials in your hand luggage- sometimes bags go missing if you have the essentials like a change of clothes and must have toiletries and make up (100ml or less) will make the time you are waiting for your bag to catch up with you a little less stressful
  • You never know when you’re going to get caught off guard on your travels. It’s a good idea to have a bag of useful bits and bobs like sticky tape, string, sewing kit, cable ties, spare luggage tags, padlocks, safety pins, pens, tissues,  ear plugs, mini LED torch, tweezers and mini scissors – you can grab it all at Wilko!

We have a wide range of luggage available including two handy cabin sized suitcases.

Holiday minis

Once you’ve taken a look over the luggage packing tips, it’s time to think about what holiday beauty essentials you’ll be taking with you. From sun cream to insect repellent, you’ll find everything you need at Wilko. When space is precious, especially if you’re not checking a bag in, travel minis are the best option. Here are our top travel mini picks:

  • Dry shampoo –  great for freshening up the hair after an activity-packed day in the sun.
  • Shampoo – it’s an essential one!
  • Toothpaste to keep those pearly whites, white!
  • Shower gel – because the hotel ones aren’t always the best
  • Insect repellent to keep those pesky mosquitoes at bay
  • Sun cream to protect from the rays
  • Anti-bacterial gel is great for when you’re out and about
  • Deodorant – we have fragrances to suit all tastes.

One last tip – if you’re going on holiday as a couple or in a group, discuss who is packing what so you don’t end up with five bottles of insect repellent and just one mini bottle of shampoo.

You’ll find everything you need for your trip away in our dedicated wilko Holiday Shop.

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