Whilst studying at university, unless you choose to live at home and commute, you’re bound to be living in student accommodation. It’s such an exciting and liberating part of student life but it can also be a daunting time.

Here are our tips to help make settling in that bit easier:

Be proactive

Before you even set foot on campus, check out your university’s social media pages. Many of them have heaps of information and networking opportunities for freshers. That way you might even spot a few familiar faces on your first day. Also, make sure you go to your university’s freshers’ fair and sign up to some clubs and societies – it’s a great way to either try something new or carry on a hobby you are passionate about, while meeting like-minded people. You’re sure to make friends instantly.

Bring home with you

When you’re packing, make sure to include some home comforts, whether it’s your favourite duvet or pillow, family photographs or that air freshener your mum always uses; the little things will help your new space feel like home and help with the settling in process. Make sure you’re ready by ticking everything off on our handy checklist full of all the student essentials. Don’t forget to add the finishing touches without breaking the bank by heading down to your local Wilko. You’ll find everything you need to help make student life that bit brighter and more affordable.

moving out


Stay connected to home

Whether it’s through social media or a quick weekly phone call to mum, an important part of starting a new chapter is feeling secure about the past and staying connected to home. Try to resist the urge to go home every weekend, especially in the first month. It’ll help settle you in quicker if you spend more time in your new surroundings.

Learn to cook

Staying healthy is key to maintaining your well-being, so learn to cook budget-friendly, belly-busting recipes before you move home. We’ve got plenty of simple recipes to get you started, and how about asking your parents for cooking tutorials before you move out? You’ll be thankful you did when you’ve gone through every flavour of pot noodle more times than you can count.

learn to cook

Keep it clean

Whether you’re in halls or a shared house you’ll probably have communal areas. Some halls and private rentals may come complete with en suites and cleaners but for the majority of students there will be an expectation to keep the shared areas clean and tidy. Remember keeping these areas in good condition throughout the year may help you get your hands back on that deposit. As boring and utterly drab as it sounds, a rota really can be the fairest way to ensure that everyone pulls their weight and maintains a nice living environment.

keeping the kitchen tidy

You are all in the same boat

Even for the most confident students, the transition period from home to uni life can be hard. It’s completely natural to feel homesick, lonely and anxious. Everyone will be feeling the same at some point and you just need to remember that you will be okay! And if things do get too much for you, your university will have trained professionals on hand who you can talk to in confidence.

Enjoy it!

Try to remember that it’s okay to feel a bit uncertain. It’s a big deal moving away for the first time. It’s okay not to like everyone or instantly have new best friends but once you have settled in, the uncertainty really will be worth it. Fingers crossed you will look back on a bucket full of happy memories and wish you could do it all again!

Check out our Top Ten Uni Life Hacks for some quick and easy ways to make uni life simpler, then find even more inspiration to get your student life sorted with our full student range.

If you’ve already made the big leap, we’d love to hear some of your top tips to living away from home for the first time. Get in touch on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

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