Onions are a key ingredient for adding flavour to lots of different dishes, from salad to spag bol, so why not have a go at growing your own?

Onions can be grown from either seeds or onion sets (baby onions which mature into bulbs). Onion sets are generally easier to grow, however, there are more varieties available in seed form. Make sure the area you are planting in is sunny and sheltered, and not freshly manured, as this can lead to rotting.

If you fancy having a go, here’s our guide to the different varieties of onion available in our stores and online at wilko.com

Red onions
Long, dark red in colour with a stronger flavour than most varieties.

Plant: Mid February – March

Harvest: July

4 red onions

Red shallots
A round-shaped variety with a mild taste, perfect for salads.

Plant: Mid February -March

Harvest: July

3 red shallots

Sturon onions
Flavourful, medium-sized, straw-coloured onions.

Plant: February-March

Harvest: August

3 sturon onions

yellow shallots
Mild-tasting onions, perfect for pickling!

Plant: Mid February-March

Harvest: July

2 yellow shallots

Stuttgarter onions
Sweet, smooth and a very mild taste, perfect for using in cooking or in salads.

Plant: March-April

Harvest: June-July

2 Stuttgarter onions

turbo onions
Medium-sized, globe-shaped onions with a strong flavour

Plant: March-April

Harvest: August

3 turbo onions

We’ve got all the equipment, tools, plant feed and compost you need to make growing your own super easy. Come summer, you’ll have loads of lovely fruit and veg to serve up at garden parties and barbecues and impress your guests! Pop into your nearest store, or visit our Garden section on wilko.com to see our ranges.



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