Students don’t have a great rep when it comes to cooking a delicious meal, with beans on toast in front of Judge Rinder a common sight across the country! However with our great range of affordable, funky kitchenware, you’ll be cooking up gourmet treats in no time.

We can help you find all the kitchenware you need to cook your favourite food (and even try a few new dishes) which will see you through to graduation and beyond.

Kitchen checklist

If it’s your first year at uni and you’re living in shared accommodation, don’t bring too much as otherwise you may end up with six toasters in your kitchen! Our top tip is to wait until you’ve moved in, and scope out what you’ll need to buy.

• Kettle
• Toaster
• Microwave
• Dinner set
• Mugs & glasses
• Cutlery
• Scissors
• Can opener
• Chopping board
• Saucepan set
• Wok & frying pan
• Kitchen tool set
• Tea towels
• Oven gloves
• Food storage

Try these for size…

Functional Dinner Set WhiteWilko Colourplay Cutlery Set Red 16 Piececorkscrewfrying panred wine glasspint glass

From left: 12 piece dinner set £5; red cutlery set £6; corkscrew £2; frying pan £6.50; wine glass £1.50 and pint glass 50p.


red mugwilko colour play red kettleWilko colour red toaster

From left: red mug £1; colour play kettles £12; colour play toasters £10;

Best buys

The wondrous wok

Stir-fries are legendary in student circles, but did you know a wok is the ultimate pan for just about every cooking technique? You can steam, deep fry, and cook anything from currys to scrambled eggs with this versatile pan! Our 24cm black wok is great value, easy to clean and has fantastic reviews. Click here to see all our woks.

Five star slow cooker

Transform cheap cuts of meat into delicious dishes with a slow cooker. They’re economical to run, and with a bit of preparation in the morning you’ll have a Michelin-starred meal (or something close) waiting for you when you return from your lectures. We’ve got a 1.5 litre slow cooker for only £10, it’s the perfect size for two people. Click here to see all our slow cookers.

Beautiful blending 

If you’re going to buy one non-essential kitchen item, we’d recommend a hand blender! At just £4.75, our 2 speed hand blender is easy to use and ideal for making soups and smoothies in a flash. Click here to see all our blenders.

every day value wokevery day value slow cookerevery day value hand blender

Visit our kitchen section for more great ideas, and for all your student essentials check out our handy checklist which includes everything you’ll need for your first year.

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