At Wilko, we love family time and believe there’s always room in the day to get crafty. Whether it’s the summer holidays and you have an endless amount of time on your hands or you need a quick five-minute task to keep them busy, we’ve got some great boredom-busting tricks at our fingertips. One of the great things about crafting is that it can be enjoyed both  indoors and outdoors, so there’s no need to worry about the weather.  It also helps to expand young minds, giving them the freedom to explore colour, shape, texture and of course their imagination. Join us as we rundown our top 7 craft ideas to keep the kids busy whatever the time of year;


Kids love getting messy, and painting is a great activity to encourage kids to express their creativity. Create hand prints, foot prints and  beautiful portraits, with our wide range of child friendly paints in an array of colours.

Make Your Own

We’re all proud of homemade things and we know how much kids love showing off their artwork, which is why we have several make your own kits to help make it easier for you to get on with the fun stuff. For the more adventurous, check out our haberdashery section where you’ll find all the supplies you need for sewing and knitting projects.

A Flair for Fashion

Inspire future fashion designers to develop their natural flair. Try updating a plain pair of sunglasses with a few embellishments like buttonsstickers or use pretty permanent markers. Our range of crafting accessories means you can be as unique as you like! A plain or old pair of canvas pumps can easily be updated with fabric pens, fabric paint or decorated with ribbons and jewels using fabric glue or, how about trying out our super easy hand dyes, which are great for transforming T-shirts and pumps.

Creative Play

How about encouraging the kids to make their very own bracelets or even create them as a gift for someone? This handy bracelet kit is fantastic for developing hand eye co-ordination in the over threes. It’s a fun activity to do together, promoting team work and will provide them with a real sense of pride when they’ve finished. For even more inspiration, check out our whole range of creative play, where’s there’s something for every personality.

 Trash to Treasure

Up-cycle your household waste into pirates, zoo animals, telescopes and as far as your imagination can take you! Keep hold of old kitchen rolls, loo rolls, drinks bottles and egg boxes for a whole host of creative possibilities. Show your kids the items and ask them what they think you could make out of them together.

Colouring Fun

Colouring is a fantastically calming activity which has been proven to de-stress, generating a sense of wellness and serenity. It also stimulates the all important motor skills that are crucial in child development and adult well-being, so grab yourself a colouring book, a set of pens  and sit down with the kids. We have a fantastic range of kids’ colouring books as well as some great colouring in for adults. With a whole host of stationery to choose from, all at great prices, you’re sure to have some great fun together. You could even create a chalkboard using our chalkboard paint for the kids to doodle away on!

kids colouring

Create an ‘I’m Bored Jar’

If ( and when) your kids do utter the ‘B’ word, this handy activity jar will allow them the freedom to choose their own activity. It’s easy to put together and could make for some great fun throughout the holidays. All you will need is some paper or card, a pen to write the activities down, a jar and a few supplies, all of which you will find on

Simply make ideas age and budget appropriate for your family, pop them in and you’re good to go!

craft jar


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