Summertime and picnics go together like cake and ice cream, and with the 10th July 2017 being National Teddy Bear’s Picnic Day, what better excuse to get out there with the kids and enjoy some of the great outdoors! (Weather permitting, of course!) We’re optimistic over here that we’re going to have glorious weather this summer, so with that in mind, here’s our guide to setting up the best Teddy Bear’s Picnic with some unique ideas as to how you can make it a fun day out for all.

So, armed with your children’s favourite teddies, all that’s left to do is follow our simple guide on how to make this Teddy Bear’s Picnic one to remember!

Picnic essentials

When packing up for the perfect picnic, you definitely don’t want to forget something vital (and we all know how fussy Teddy can get). Here’s our ultimate checklist of things to tick off before you all pile into the car (or garden) ready for your teddy bear adventure;

1. Picnic rug/blanket
2. Picnic basket/bag
3. Tasty sandwiches (shaped with cookie cutters for extra fun)
4. Favourite finger food (check out our fun ideas below)
5. Plastic plates and bowls
6. Favourite cool summer drinks
7. Tumblers/plastic glasses
8. Plastic cutlery
9. Flask (nothing better than a cup of hot tea for the adult bears)
10. Napkins (for when Teddy gets a little messy!)

Fun and healthy snacks

Sandwiches are obviously a must for any Teddy Bear’s Picnic. To inject a bit of fun into sandwiches for this special day out, try cutting them into fun shapes for little ones using cookie cutters (kids will love helping out with this bit). To go with your sandwiches, here’s two of our favourite picnic recipes;

Tasty fruit with a twist

As easy and tasty as them come, fruit skewers are perfect picnic companions. Just load a skewer up with 3 or 4 pieces of their favourite fruit and you’re good to go. To avoid any browning of the fruit place the pre-prepared skewers into a food container and pour a little orange juice over the fruit.

To make it extra special for the Teddy Bear’s Picnic, how about creating a fruit platter and lay the fruit out in the shape of a teddy? Use a big round segment of pineapple for his tummy, a piece of orange for his head, kiwi or strawberries for his ears and arms, and top off with a blueberry for a nose and currants for eyes! And there you have it; an extra teddy to join the party!

Homemade vegetable crisps

For a healthy snack at your Teddy Bear’s Picnic, why not try making your very own homemade vegetable crisps? They’re way easier to make than you’d think and the kids are guaranteed to love the variety in colour you can create compared to a boring packet of bought potato crisps! Just follow our simple recipe;

1. Thinly slice your chosen veg (we love carrots, beetroot, sweet potato and parsnips) with a vegetable peeler
2. Lay the sliced veg between paper towels to absorb their moisture
3. Mix 1 tbsp of oil with ¼ teaspoon of paprika, ¼ teaspoon of turmeric, ½ teaspoon of salt and ½ teaspoon of sugar
4. Add your veg to your seasoned oil and mix together with your hands
5. Spread the veg onto a non-stick baking tray and bake for approx. 15 mins at 180 degrees C, remembering to check for any signs of burning.

Fun picnic games

Now we all know no picnic would be complete without some fun games to keep the whole family occupied but it can be hard thinking of new games to keep the kids entertained. Here’s just a few of our favourites perfect for a Teddy Bear’s Picnic;

  • Pin the nose on the teddy: Just like ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ but with a twist for perfect teddy bear fun! Simply draw or paint a teddy bear face onto a piece of thick card and cut out, leaving a bare space for the nose. Make the nose by cutting out a circular shape from a separate piece of card and paint black. Stick a drawing pin through the middle of the nose (sticky tack also works just as well), and let the kids take it in turns trying to pin the nose on the teddy bear. The closest to his nose wins a small prize.
  • Teddy bear hunt: If you’re having your picnic at home, hide a few teddy bears around the garden (or dotted around in your picnic spot if you’re out) for your little ones to find. If the rain decides to pay a visit as it tends to do in the UK, this game works just as well inside the house! Children of all ages will love exploring and trying to find their hidden toys and you can get older children involved by asking for their help to hide the bears for the younger ones to find.
  • Best-dressed teddy competition: Dress the bears up for the occasion and award a small prize or certificate for the ‘best dressed’ bear. Children can use doll outfits (many are made to fit bears too), or as an extra challenge clothes can be made with newspaper and string. How about even making your own bear before the big event? With our Make Your Own kits, the kids will have loads of fun just getting ready for the big day on the 10th July!
  • Craft your own bear masks: Use a paper plate as the base for your teddy mask. Help the kids to bring it to life by painting it brown, then add ears by drawing around a glass or tumbler and divide into two for two ears. Stick on some googly eyes or create eyes with more coloured paper. When the kids are done personalising their bear masks with whatever craft accessories you have to hand, attach a piece of elastic or some string to attach the mask around their head. Now they can join in with the bears!

For even more fun ideas for things to do with the kids outdoors, we’ve got loads on inspiration in our toy department at

And there you have it, you should now be set to have the best Teddy Bear’s Picnic ever on the 10th July! We’d love to see what you and your bears get up to. Let us know via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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