Cycling in the UK is becoming more and more popular, with over 2 million adults now riding a bike at least once a week!

There are loads of social, health and environmental benefits to cycling, but it’s important to stay safe whilst on a bike – whether you’re cycling to work, school, town or just to visit friends. That’s why we’ve pulled together a few handy tips on how you can stay as safe as possible, whilst still having fun pedal pushing!

Use your head… and wear a helmet!

No matter how long or short your journey is, we always recommend wearing a helmet – it can be a lifesaver. Make sure your helmet fits well, not being too small or too big, and ensure it covers your forehead. If you have a bit of a bump in your helmet it can make it less effective, so always replace your helmet after an accident.

You can get bike helmets in a variety of different fun colours and stylish designs, click here to check out our full range. You can even accessorise your helmet with a few reflective stickers to be extra safe!

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Colourful clothing – a bright idea

Wearing bright clothes and reflective clothing and accessories will help other road users see you, keeping you that little bit safer – this is especially important when you’re cycling on the road. To make sure you’re seen, we’ve got high visibility vests for both adults and children, a reflective rucksack cover, and also slap wrap and reflective tape – both of which are suitable for your ankles, wrists, bag handles or even the bike itself. We’ve also got great value arm/leg bands, trouser bands and a reflective Sam Browne belt.

Try not to wear loose clothing that may get caught in the chain (think shoelaces and flip-flops) or anything that could block your vision – scarves are a particular nuisance! Our black trouser bands are great for helping to prevent trousers getting stuck in the chain. We recommend against wearing headphones, to ensure you can hear the traffic around you and be ready to react quickly if needed.

Cycling gloves are a great accessory as they help you grip the handlebars, which can be more difficult on a hot and sweaty day. Also, they’ll make you look like a pro!

Make light work of cycling in the evening

As well as making sure you’re seen, it’s a good idea to take a few extra precautions – especially when riding your bike in the evening when it starts to get dark. Fit your bike with reflectors, and strong lights for cycling at night-time. From high intensity lights to handy lights that can be charged by USB, we’re sure to have the perfect set for you.

To further accessorise your bike, check out our reflective stickers which can be applied to the frame, and invest in a bell for your bike, handy for letting people know you’re there!

Top safety tips for when you’re out and about

• Use bike lanes or designated bike routes wherever you can
• Don’t ride too close to parked cars. If a driver or passenger in a car doesn’t see you, they may open the door straight in front of you!
• Stop at all stop signs and obey traffic lights, as you would if driving a car
• Use basic hand signals for turning left and right. This helps cars know what you plan to do next

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