As part of our fantastic new spring/summer 2016 range, the reminisce range boasts a romantic nostalgia that takes you back to the 1950’s. Bringing spring into the home, it possesses an abundance of soft pastels, strong purples, floral details and meadow influences. So, if you’re thinking of having a change around in your living room or bedroom, this purple-themed range could be for you.

With such a large scope of tones, purple can take you from bold and vibrant to soft and sweet, and having long been associated with royalty, it’s a colour that exudes extravagance.

For a dramatic, indulgent scheme, darker shades of purple are ideal, and something like our plum matt paint will create the ultimate statement wall within your room. As this colour is related to wealth, it demands soft indulgent fabrics, and our lush knitted purple throw would be the ideal accompaniment.

At the other end of the scale we have the gentler, more soothing shades of lilac and lavender, which evoke a sense of femininity, particularly when used alongside light pinks and silky duck eggs. These are perfect if you’re wanting a sweeter feel within the room, and with their more neutral shades you can add layers of floral patterns and gingham fabrics to bring this room to life.

Our Fresco Duclie or the Arthouse Charlottle Blush wallpaper would be fabulous within this scheme, either decorating the entire room or featuring on one wall as a statement piece. Furnish the room with a traditional metal bed, furniture that’s made with pale woods and add storage with our faux linen ottoman.

Indulgent bedding

When tying together the entire colour scheme in a bedroom your bedding will play a key role and will determine whether the palette is vibrant and bold or soft and understated. If you are going to go all out with the dark, brooding purples, opting for a dark duvet set is a must and our plum duvet set would be just the thing. It’s also reversible so it gives you the best of both worlds with the option to tone down the vivacious plum into softer tones of lilac whenever the mood takes you.

However, if you want your accessories, feature wallpaper and wall art to be the defining features within your bedroom, a neutral cream duvet set will set these off perfectly. You can then add bolder colours to your bedspread by using our purple throw and decorative cushions.

Decorative cushions

No bed or sofa would be complete without some decorative cushions to lift the interior design. Adding unique little details to the overall decor, they are essential when dressing the room. Choose cushions that complement the colours you’ve already used on the walls and in the fabrics, but don’t be afraid to intertwine other colours too. Greens, light blues, pinks and other soft hues are fabulous when adding little detailed touches, as are different textures and patterns.

Our reminisce floral cushion will add those subtle details as the purple will match the duvet and/or throw and the blues and greens will create further layers of colour in the room. Then, finish with the ‘do what you love’ cushion. Again, this adds the floral twists and layers of colours but also presents a chic, elegant touch with the writing and bead detail.

reminisce bedroom

It’s all in the details…

When decorating any room in your home, you need to look at the project as a process of adding layers. Firstly, you’ve started with the walls, using statement paint or wallpaper to create the scheme within the room. Then, you’ve used fabrics to tie in the scheme with hints of flowers, added colours and other subtle undertones.

Now, you need to provide your room with those all-important finishing touches to give it the ultimate wow-factor. These accessories can be in the form of pictures, candles, vases etc. and will need to complement the statement colour used, but can also bring out the other colours you’ve used too. For example, if you’ve introduced a teal by using one of our reminisce cushions, this can be amplified with the embossed butterfly vase.

You can also use neutral colours and whites to add details without overloading the room with colour. Accessories are essential in building up the features of the room, but using too many colours could ruin the impact of the overall scheme – remember, less is sometimes more. Perfect additions are our love multi-picture frame and our heart mirror with drawer.

Wall art

If you’ve got a statement wall, it’s important you add splashes of colour onto the other neutral walls and a great way of doing this is by using wall art. Whilst these could get lost on a wall that’s got a vibrant colour or busy wallpaper, on a neutral wall they’ll be brought to life and will add further impact to the room.

Whether you’ve opted for a deep purple or soft lilac scheme, something like our plum wooden rose heart will make the perfect addition. In a darker coloured room, it’ll bring the statement colour to other neutral walls, whilst paler colour schemes will be given a bold twist with its strong plum finish.

Subtle hints of lilacs and soft pinks can also be added to any room with our Paris canvas as it boasts a romantic hue that will complement the entire spectrum of purple. Plus, you can add a little bit of fun with our cute decorative chalk board with heart, peg and rope detailing.

chalk board

Floral notes

Achieving that crisp, springtime feel will require the use of flowers and these can be fresh, dry or artificial. They’ll bring the outside in and will help to add a natural, country cottage feel to your home.

The perfect touch for a room that’s following a purple colour scheme is lavender and our reminisce lavender bunch is ideal. Its rustic look is perfect and gives the impression it has been harvested straight from the fields, and, if you add our lavender candle for added scent, it’ll almost seem as though they really are fresh flowers!

Alternatively, if you desire a more contemporary touch with your flowers, our purple gerbera flower in a bowl is perfect.

Again, don’t be afraid to accentuate the other colours you’ve introduced to the room, using these floral additions to enhance the other shades in the room. Light pinks will complement purple beautifully, making our pink peonies in a silver vase a must-have.

Pretty in purple

The beauty of adopting a purple colour scheme within your home is its effortless ability to change with the seasons, and your changing taste. Its bolder colours offer a dramatic look for any home and when utilised with autumnal colours and natural, earthy tones, it’ll create a room that’s snug, warming and incredibly indulgent for the colder seasons.

However, as spring is now upon us, the lilacs and lighter shades provide a zingier feel that reflect the warmer months as summer approaches, whilst still offering a luxurious touch. With a neutral backdrop you can add these perfectly purple touches, which are feminine, charming and truly elegant.

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