There is something wonderful about receiving something handwritten, whether it’s an invitation or thank you card, a hurriedly scribbled note left on the kitchen side or even a poem or a short story. There is so much of our personality in our handwriting and something so precious about holding onto something handwritten for old times sake.

This year, National Stationery Week (31 March-6 April) is all about getting Britain writing. It is about reviving the art of putting pen to paper, about encouraging adults to write more and to get kids involved, creating a balance between using technology and hand writing.

Make Writing Fun

At Wilko, we love stationery. We also have some fabulous ideas to get the whole family writing and of course, we have everything you need available in store and online to make them happen.

pencil case

Flying messages

For this quick, easy and hugely enjoyable game, all you will need is a ball or a Frisbee, a pen, some strips of paper and some tape. Each write a funny command on the strips of paper, things like hop six times on your left leg or roar like a lion. Stick one command at a time to the ball/Frisbee and whoever catches it has to do what the ball says. This is great for younger children who will be rolling around with laughter at mum and dad doing silly things and not even realise that they have been practising their writing and reading.

A day in the life

Let your child loose with a camera for the day! Start the day by taking the first picture of your child while they are asleep and then hand the reins over to them. Encourage them to take a least one picture per hour of anything and everything: you, the family pet, the pavement as you walk down the street, the swing at the park, the bus driver, even their dinner or their empty plate. Take the very last picture of them when they are sound asleep.

Get the pictures printed and mount them into a scrap book – we have a great range of photo paper, glue, scrap books, pens and gorgeous stationery accessories like stickers and glitter – then get your child to write a couple of facts next to each picture, where you were, what you were up to or what it is. This is a great memory making activity that combines fantastic family time, writing and crafting. At the end of the task you’ll have a fabulous handwritten keepsake that, no doubt, you will treasure forever.

Create a family time capsule

Get the whole family involved by sitting down and getting the to write a letter about themselves. Who they are, what they like, their age, what they look like, favourite foods and activities, colours, books and films, maybe hopes for the future. Once each person has finished pop them in a sealed envelope and write the person’s name and date on the front. Place them in a sealable box or jar together with photos, drawings and the front page of the daily newspaper. Seal the box and write on the outside, do not open until (date) and stash the box away until opening day. It will make for an amazing family day five or ten years down the line.

Manila envelopes

Everyday activities

Revive the art of sending thank you cards and letters to friends and family, treat yourself to a new pad and pen and write out your shopping list or daily to do list. Encourage the kids to help out and make writing part of everyday life.

At Wilko we have everything you need to make writing exciting, so take a trip to your local stationery department and start writing the next chapter of your story.

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