We’re excited to introduce the new Wilko suncare range, which is formulated to provide effective protection against harmful UVB rays which cause sunburn, and UVA rays which cause long term skin damage and premature ageing. The range has been awarded a maximum five-star rating against skin damage caused by UVA rays, so you can be reassured that you are getting the best protection available.

Choosing the right sun protection

Everyone loves those long hot summer days but it is essential to stay protected. Every case of sunburn damages your skin permanently and should be avoided. It’s good to know you have the best possible protection available, and our new Wilko range has a variety of sun protection products to suit you… all formulated to smell like holidays!

Wilko Suncare

Our standard range offers effective UVB & 5* UVA protection, is easy to apply, water resistant and moisturising. A great everyday sun lotion!

The moisturising formula works to keep the skin supple and soft, and with added Vitamin E this powerful anti-oxidant helps protect against long term skin damage.

Available in lotions and sprays from SPF 15 – 50 so there’s a product for everyone.

Unbeatable UVA protection that won't burn a hole in your pocket. Did you know that all of our own brand suncreams have 5 star UVA rating? That's the highest possible!

Wilko Sensitive

Do you have sensitive skin? If so, it’s important to choose a suncare product which won’t cause you any irritation, so you can enjoy your time in the sun knowing you are giving your skin optimum protection whilst reducing the risk of sun induced allergies and rashes.

Our sensitive skin range provides the same level of protection as our standard range, offering protection from UVB rays and 5* protection from the long-term damaging effects of UVA.

We’ve specially developed the sensitive range by taking out ingredients which can cause irritation and allergies, while still being formulated to moisturise the skin. Dermatologically tested and approved, the range of lotions available in SPF 30 & 50 are free from colours, preservatives and fragrance.

Sensitive suncare from wilko

Wilko Kids

Effective UVB & 5* UVA protection especially formulated for kids! Whether it’s fun in the sun with our coloured spray or a sensitive formula for your child’s delicate skin, you can be sure your child is effectively protected.

The fragile skin of babies and children must be protected from harmful UVB and UVA rays, so our new range is specially formulated for the delicate and vulnerable skin of children.

Wilko Kids Spray SPF 50 is coloured, offering a high level of protection for your little one while allowing you to see where you have sprayed, so no more missed bits! Wilko Kids SPF 50+ Lotion offers very high protection, is fragrance, preservative and colour free. Its extra sensitive formulation is ideal for your child’s delicate skin.

All products are extra water resistant and dermatologically tested so your kids can play longer in the water while you have the reassurance that they are staying protected.

Kids suncare from Wilko

Wilko Aftersun

Our aftersun range is formulated to cool, soothe and moisturise sun sensitised skin.

After being out in the sun, your skin needs all the care you can give it. Our range of aftersuns are developed to cool, soothe and moisturise your skin. All are formulated to relieve the stress caused to the skin by exposure to the sun.

All Wilko aftersuns are dermatologically tested and moisturising for up to 24 hours. When used regularly, they’ll re-hydrate your skin and maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance, helping to keep that holiday glow for longer!

Aftersun from Wilko

Wilko Clear Sprays

Our clear sprays are quick drying, ideal for sports use and being active in the sun. Great for people that are less likely to smother themselves in sun lotion, our clear sprays help provide the protection you need in the sun.

The SPF 15 & 30 Clear Sprays provide effective protection against UVB rays and 5* protection against UVA rays. Formulated to be water resistant giving you peace of mind that you are protected.


Look out for the 5* UVA protection logo on the front of the pack. This shows that you are receiving optimum protection against UVA rays!

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