The switch (pardon the pun!) from traditional light bulbs to the newer eco-friendly ones may have been a pain at the time but the change seems to have started a lighting revolution! The humble bulb has had a makeover and there are now loads of different types of lightbulb; from long-lasting to colour-changing to bulbs that don’t look like bulbs at all!

With all these new options to choose from, let us help you find the perfect lighting to suit the mood…


Now shed a little light on your home…

Something a bit different

remote control colour-changing lightPhillips colour-changing lightPhillips LED candle lights

From left: Remote control colour changing light –£13.99Phillips Lic Micro White colour-changing light – £20Phillips LED candle lights (3 pack) – £24.99

Switches and sockets

light timer socketremote control socketsdimmer switch plate

24 hour timer switch£4.25Remote control sockets£19.99Dimmer switch£4.99 

Brilliant bulbs

GE energy saving bulbspotlights2Wilko spiral energy saving bulbGE smart bulb

From left: GE energy saving bulb (23w) – £3.75Wilko halogen spotlights (2 pack/60w) – £1.65Wilko spiral energy saving lightbulb (20w) – £3.95GE Smart bulb (4.5w) – £7  

From a selection here (20% off marked price*).

Don’t forget, Wilko has a great selection of lamps and lampshades to really set off your lighting. Take a look at our lighting section at or in your nearest store.

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