You may have already heard about hygge – the latest craze taking the interior design world by storm. But thankfully, this isn’t another fad that’ll be here one minute and gone the next. Hygge is something the Danes have been enjoying and celebrating from as far back as the 18th century. But why? And what does ‘hygge’ really mean?

Hygge, pronounced hue-gah (imagine you’re clearing your throat and you’ll be somewhere close to the right pronunciation) can’t be translated directly from Danish, but if you visualise a warm hug, you’ll be well on the way to getting your head around this latest phenomenon. As renowned Scandinavian furniture designer, Morten Georgsen, describes it, “Hygge is not a thing or something you buy…hygge is a state of mind.”

Hygge’s not about making your home look like it’s walked straight off the page of a home magazine, it’s about enriching your life with the things you love. The things that give you that warm fuzzy feeling.

And as autumn’s got us firmly in its grasp, we thought this was the perfect time to embrace the hygge way of life. So, here are some top tips as to how you can achieve this in your home – and your life:

Make sure your home’s warm and cosy

Nothing beats that feeling of being wrapped up on your sofa with those you love; and that warm, snuggly feeling is what hygge is all about. Add to your living space with those soft finishing touches such as our indulgent Faux-Fur Throw and luxurious Mongolian Cushions. And don’t forget to enjoy a cup of tea on the sofa once you’re done!

Add a touch of nostalgia

Because hygge isn’t just about furnishing your home, and is about creating a happy, content state of mind, you need to surround yourself with things you love. Team your interior pieces with personal touches, such as books, paintings and those all-important pictures of days gone by. With these reminiscent tones, you can’t fail but to find your inner zen.

Opt for rustic photo frames, vintage pieces and quirky ornaments. But be selective with your pieces – the Scandinavian style doesn’t tolerate clutter. Less is most definitely more in this case.

Choose practical lamps that are stylish too

Even though lamps are a great way to add to the ambiance in your home they also need to be practical to fit in with the hygge way of life. Hygge is just as much about sitting and reading a book as it is about relaxing on the sofa. So make sure you can multi-task with the lighting you choose for your living space.

We think the simple yet elegant style of our Milan Lamps will fit in perfectly. Opt for the parchment, grey or white lampshade to really grasp the Scandinavian look.

Bring a touch of hygge into your everyday life

As we’ve mentioned before, this craze isn’t just about the décor in your home, it’s about adding enrichment to your life. With that in mind, here are just a few other ways you can add hygge to your life:

  • Warm up your socks and pants on the radiator
  • Turn a quick catch up with friends into a much bigger event
  • Enjoy that glass of wine without feeling guilty about it – you earned it
  • Warm up your bed with a hot water bottle before you get in it
  • Enjoy a long, relaxing bath
  • Bake a cake then invite someone round to help you eat it
  • Sit in front of the fire with your loved one and watch your favourite film (toasting marshmallows on the fire whilst you’re at it)!

Got some other ideas as to how you can bring a touch of hygge to your life? Share them with us on Twitter and Facebook!

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