Shoes. They are one of the most popular items of clothing, and many of us have quite the collection! However a common problem if you have large shoe collection is where to store them all, particularly if you’re short on space at home. But never fear – at Wilko we have lots of solutions for storing your shoes and keeping them clean, dust free, and not in a pile on your bedroom floor!

Boxes are your best friend

To make sure your shoes are stored well, shoe boxes are the perfect option, but forget the boxes that they come in. Those are best put into the recycling. Instead, try these foldable clear plastic boxes that are perfect for most shoes. They are very easy to store and would look great stacked up in a wardrobe, and because they are clear it is easier to see which shoes are inside which box, compared to their cardboard counterparts.

If you want a sturdier box that will also fit larger heels and boots in, then these clear plastic boxes are perfect. They also come in a larger size. The boxes can be easily stacked up on top of each other as well, if you need to save floor space.

We’ve got tons of sturdy storage solutions, in all shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find something that works for your home or wardrobe.

Organisation is king

When you hang clothes in your wardrobe, there is often space underneath skirts, shorts, and dresses, and it’s perfect for those shoe boxes! Tag the boxes with sticky labels so that even if you can’t quite see the shoes, you can check the label to see if they are the ones you need. Or why not try taking some Polaroids of each pair of shoes and sticking these on the front of their corresponding boxes?

Bookcases don’t just have to be for books, they also make perfect shoe display cabinets, especially if you have some particularly pretty or special shoes that you don’t want to keep hidden away in boxes. Arrange the shoes with one pointing forward and one backward, this means you will be able to fit a lot more shoes on there!

Or if you just want to put your shoes away, why not try one of these storage units which contain drawers specially designed for shoes?

Shoe perfection

To keep your favourite shoes looking like-new for longer, make sure you clean and polish them regularly. Wilko have a large range of cloths and specialised shoe cleaning products, which you can store in this stylish, vintage-inspired shoe cleaning storage tin.

Hopefully we have helped you with some of your shoe storage woes, and now you have all the tools to create your very own shoe haven.

Well, any excuse for a new pair of shoes…

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