With the summer sun shining (hopefully!), there’s nothing better than sitting down with a refreshing summer drink. Whether you simply crack open a beer or go the whole hog and whip up some fruity cocktails, we’ve got a few tips to help you make the most of your tipple of choice this summer.

Glass half full

Getting the right glasses for your drinks is a great way to impress your guests when you entertain.

There’s nothing wrong with using your normal glasses, but why not have a look at a few fancier options if you want your party to pack a punch?

If you’re serving cocktails (or mocktails for the kids), mix it up with some fun and funky serving ideas.

If you’re serving retro cocktails like Pina Coladas or Singapore Slings, try serving in drinking jars or a kitsch milk bottle set – it’ll add a touch of fun, and as an added bonus the screw-on lids will keep the bugs out of your booze!

Top tip: Tie different coloured ribbons or name labels around the necks on the bottle to help people identify their own drink.

For classier cocktails, make a real impact with these striking copper effect tumblers. Use them to serve up a Moscow Mule or a classic Mojito and simply garnish with a slice of lime for perfect party style.

If you are heading out on a picnic and want to take a drink with you, why not pre-prepare some cocktails with added ice? Grab a clean glass jar, add your favourite cocktail, pop the jar lid on and store upright in a cool bag. All you need then is a stylish picnic blanket and your sunglasses to totally nail that effortless al fresco vibe.

The kids will also want special grown up glasses to drink from and while we don’t recommend glass if you’re outside, plastic tumblers are an ideal choice. To keep kids’ drinks cool, fill an ice cube tray with water and pop one of your child’s favourite gummy sweets in each segment for a fun bonus in their drinks! It’s a really good way to liven up plain old water for them.

Jug’s a good-un

If you’re hosting a party or are just at home with your family and want to spend quality time together, it’s best to prepare the drinks in advance. Mix them up in a jug and then you can just leave them in the fridge and let people help themselves. A glass jug is a classic choice, but if you’ve got young kids a plastic pitcher is much safer and will look just as stylish on your table.

Sangria is a holiday favourite for many and it’s a perfect choice for preparing in advance. Start with a bottle of good Spanish wine and add a glug of orange juice or soda, a splash of brandy and sugar to taste. Add thin orange, lemon, lime and apple slices as garnishes to make it especially fruity and remember to mix it thoroughly with a spoon. Serve chilled.

Top tip: If you want to create a professional but fun drink flourish, pour some Cake Décor Pink Glimmer Sugar onto a small plate, dip the rim of each glass in lemon or lime juice, and then dip the glass in the coloured sugar sprinkles. Voilà!

Another tool you’ll need for perfect drink production is this bright yellow citrus squeezer. To get as much juice out of your lemon or lime as possible, run the fruit under your hand on a counter top first to loosen everything up, then squeeze away!

What’s your favourite way to serve up a cool drink on a hot day? We’d love to hear your tips. Join the conversation on TwitterFacebook and Instagram and find more summer drink essentials at wilko.com

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