Whether you’re planning a big summer party, some al fresco dining or you just want somewhere to sit with a good book and a cuppa, a quality furniture set can make all the difference to your garden. It doesn’t take long to maintain your garden furniture, and our handy how to guide will walk you through it.  With a little bit of care, your outdoor furniture will look great year after year.


How to restore wooden garden furniture

Teak is a high quality, durable wood, that you can expect to weather well and last for many years – even generations! Its ability to retain its natural oils after felling makes it resistant to rotting and almost impervious to the effects of sun, rain, frost or snow, and protects it from dreaded fungi and other destructive parasites. Over time the surface of the wood will go from a honey brown colour to a beautiful silvery grey.

Teak won’t need a lot of maintenance, but help it go the distance by removing any build up of pollen, sap or mildew with mild soap and warm water. A good coat of teak wood oil after each clean will also help protect the wood’s natural honey colour. Teak oil seals hard and protects wood from the elements, and it dries relatively quickly – within 12 to 24 hours.

Top tip: Never use a hardwood oil as an alternative to teak oil on teak furniture, as this may discolour and spoil its overall look.


With its warm tones and natural beauty, acacia is an extremely beautiful wood – and it’s highly practical too! The acacia tree grows incredibly slowly which makes the wood extremely hard and durable – allowing the furniture to be used for a long long time. With its natural resistance to stains and odours, it’s a popular wooden furniture choice.

How to clean wooden garden furniture:

it can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water to remove any build ups of pollen, sap, or mildew.

How to restore garden furniture

No matter what your furniture’s made of, good maintenance will help it last longer. Every now and then, give your furniture a thorough clean. Algae, dirt, dust and leaves have a habit of settling in and around furniture so start by brushing away loose dirt with a soft broom or cloth. A low powered garden hose will gently wash away stains and residue. For stuck-on dirt, use a sponge saturated with water and mild soap to wash away. Try to avoid using brass brushes, pressure washers or steel wool as they can damage and discolour the furniture’s surface.

After cleaning comes staining. A good quality furniture stain provides lasting colour and weather protection to enhance all types of wood. Staining helps give a rich colour to your wood, bringing out the grain and revitalising previously stained wood.

Don’t forget Danish oil…

Danish Oil can be used on almost any wooden surface, making it an incredibly versatile product. It’s naturally water, food and alcohol resistant, making it great for outdoor dining sets. It is safe for food contact when dry and can be used on all softwood and hardwood, including oak and teak.

Protect, and it won’t get wrecked!

Although good quality wooden furniture can remain outdoors and go the distance if cared for, it’s always a good idea to store furniture away in a shed or garage. Furniture covers are also really handy for protecting your furniture from the elements, and great if you don’t have room for storage. This’ll help to keep your garden furniture in tip top condition!

Choosing a set

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