Bonfire night party ideas

Remember, remember the 5th of November…

Throwing a bonfire party this year? From fireworks to food, we’ve put together some bonfire night ideas hints and tips to show you how to throw a really good bonfire party.

Food for a bonfire party

Fireworks aside, food is the star of the show when you’re throwing a party. For stress free cooking, do big batches of chilli or macaroni cheese; they’re perfect one pot meals that can be kept hot at the start of the evening. Check out our range of slow cookers to help you get cooking. Hot Dogs are an easy one to whip up too. Get plenty sausages in the oven and pre-cut some rolls. You can make them look nice and fancy simply by slow-cooking some fried onions and getting mustard on the ready.

Mulled wine ingredients

Moving on to the sweet things for bonfire food ideas; toffee apples are a must. Check out BBC Good Food’s toffee apple recipe for ideas. Don’t forget the candyfloss too, it just goes so well with the atmosphere on bonfire night.

And moving on to the drinks…mulled wine is too good to save just for Christmas. Get your brew on with some homemade mulled wine. Simply pick up the bottles of mulled wine, pour them into a saucepan on a low heat, stir occasionally, until it’s warm to the touch. Be careful not to let it boil. And if you’re feeling creative, check out our blog on how to make your own mulled wine.


Garden chairs & chiminea on patio

Want to make a bonfire but don’t have the supplies? Why not use a chiminea instead? They’re much safer than making your own bonfire and they’re great if you don’t have much space in your garden.

To set the atmosphere, light candles around your seating area. Sit around the chiminea and start by telling ghost stories. But if scaring yourselves silly isn’t your thing, get the guitar and sing songs on the go. You could even toast some marshmallow, chocolate or cheese!


What fireworks you use depends on how much space you have. Bear in in mind small children and cats and dogs – they will not appreciate very loud bangs. Even though fireworks is kind of what it’s all about, it’s not a necessity for your bonfire party. Sparklers are an ideal (and quiet!) addition to any bonfire party. Remember to always follow the firework code.

We hope you enjoy our bonfire night ideas, and however you’re celebrating, make sure you have fun and be safe.

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