Get creative and enjoy making homemade crafts with us! We’ve teamed up with Instagrammers @poetryofdecor and @ginaandinteriors to help you make your very own wreath.

To create the brass hoop wreath, you will need:


  1. Trim your real or faux eucalyptus branches to size.
  2. Work in an asymmetric pattern starting with the largest sprig and attach with binding wire.
  3. Add extra decorations such as fairy lights, berries or dried fruit. To add the dehydrated oranges, make a hole in the centre of the orange, thread through brown string and tie a knot. Use the rest of the string to attach to a section of the brass hoop.
  4. Attach ribbon or string to the top of the hoop and hang up over a fireplace, mirror or on a door



To create the dehydrated oranges, you will need:


  1. Wash the oranges and slice thinly approximately 4mm in thickness
  2. Blot the oranges dry with kitchen paper and place on baking parchment paper on a wire rack
  3. Oven cook the oranges on the lowest setting for about 4/5 hours or until the oranges are completely dry and crispy. Or use a dehydrator.
  4. Enjoy in a G&T, use to decorate wreaths and garlands or attach to presents with brown paper wrapping and string for a rustic look
  5. Store the dried oranges in a sterilised air tight container and they will last for months!

We hope you have a wonderful time making your wreaths. Don’t forget to send images of your finished creations to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram tagging #lovewilko

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