Renting? Living in halls? On a budget? Struggling with space? Whatever the shape, size or circumstance, it’s possible to turn any house into a home with just a few simple tips and tricks. If you’ve been putting off that much-needed revamp because you’re worried there’s not enough space or that you don’t own the property, we’re here to help. It’s time to transform that room, flat or house into a home without spending a fortune!


Storage really is your saviour when it comes to saving space. So you can see more of the room you’re planning to update, have a good clear out first. Anything that you need to keep can then be stored away neatly. Gather all the kids’ toys off the floor and store them in a stylish ottoman, keep bathroom toiletries together in a wipe-clean storage basket and make the most of any cupboard space with stackable boxes. Once the clutter’s cleared it’s time to move onto the fun part!

Home accessories

When it comes to making a house a home, personal touches are key. Fill bare walls with your favourite memories. If you’re away from home, this is a great way to help beat feelings of homesickness too. If you’ve got the space, create your own collage with individual photo frames or opt for a multi aperture frame on smaller walls. For rented spaces, try using Command hooks, instead of banging nails into the walls, to prevent any damage. Use any spare hooks to display a set of string lights or hang a mirror, which will also help to make your room look bigger.

Next it’s time to up the cosy factor. No furniture is complete without a soft, snuggly throw and a set of co-ordinating cushions. If you can’t change your wall colour, learn to roll with it and match your soft furnishings to them instead. Staring at plain magnolia walls? Look on the positive side, this blank canvas means you can accessorise with any colour of your choice! We’re loving on-trend ochre yellow and blush pink at the minute.

Finally, add some candles so you’re always greeted with a subtle, homely scent. If you’re moving to student accommodation why not choose a scent that reminds you of home?

House plants

You might not be allowed to keep pets in your accommodation but there’s nothing stopping you from caring for a house plant. They come with so many benefits too, helping to improve our air quality for example. Read more about the benefits of indoor house plants over on our blog. They really are an easy and budget-friendly way to brighten up your space.


Another great way to give your living space a lift without spending loads is to upcycle. It’s so easy to transform tired furniture with specialist furniture paint. Not only will your furniture look brand new again but it’ll bring a fresh new focal point to your room. If you’re moving into student accommodation and need some furniture for your room, save yourself a small fortune by scouting round charity shops. With a lick of paint, that pre-loved bedside table or chest of drawers can be given a new lease of life (and no-one needs to know how little you spent!). Take a look at our upcycling blog for even more inspiration.

With just a few changes, it’s so easy to add personality to any living space. What’s more, you don’t have to spend a fortune turning your house into a home. Do you have anymore great tips for renovating a house on a budget? Share them with us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

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