Here are a few hints and tips around looking after your bunny and helping them live a happy long life!


Do – Make sure your rabbit has a large, secure living space. They need to be able to exercise and stand up on their hind legs without their ears touching the roof.  Bunnies need to feel safe and be protected from predators and weather extremes. They will like to hide and escape somewhere, so why not build a little den big enough for them to have a lie down!

Don’t – Do not leave your rabbit in a damp, hot or poorly ventilated environment, this can cause illness. Don’t let them have access to anything hazardous that may cause injury.

Food & Water

Do – Make sure your bunny’s diet consists mainly of fresh hay (Timothy or Meadow) supplemented with some leafy green veg. Rabbits also need clean, fresh water – you should replace this every day. Research to see which fruits and veg are suitable for your rabbit – see our article on keeping your bunny on a healthy diet.

Don’t – Don’t feed them lawnmower clippings as these can upset your rabbits’ digestive system, and try not to make any sudden changes to your rabbit’s diet as this can also make them ill.

Bunny Behaviour

Do – Ensure they can access everything they need at all times such as food, water, toilet areas, toys and safe hiding places! Make sure they can exercise daily to stay fit and healthy and remember their most active times of the day are early morning, late afternoon and overnight. Always make sure they’ve got access to plenty of good quality hay – it’s important for their digestive and dental health, as well as their emotional wellbeing!

Don’t – Don’t shout at your rabbit, they are unlikely to understand and may become more scared or nervous.

These are just a few things to consider when thinking about your rabbits’ wellbeing and lifestyle. To find out more information, you should consult your vet or visit where they have lots of useful info!

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