In the summer the garden is one of the best places to be, with soft green grass, flowers and shady tree spots. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the Great British Summer. To make sure your relaxation isn’t interrupted by jungle-like grass or over-bearing bushes, take a look at our list of top tips to keep your garden gorgeous throughout the summer months.

Watering wonder

It’s important to water your garden every morning for optimum plant growth and to ensure that, in hot weather, flowers and more delicate plants can flower for the longest amount of time possible. You can use smaller watering cans if you have a window box or individual potted plants that you want to focus on. If you have a larger garden we have a wide range of hose pipes and sprinklers that takes some of the hassle out of watering. If there is a water ban in your area over the summer then it may be worth installing a water butt to make sure that you always have a supply of fresh water to keep your garden looking good.

watering can

Dead heading bedding plants

In the summer a lot of your lovely garden plants and flowers are pretty when they bloom, but not so much when they start to droop and die. To ensure your plants grow beautifully again next year, be sure to remove the dead heads from the stalks, while for roses and larger plants you will probably need gardening gloves and larger pruners to keep your fingers safely intact.

Autumn light bulb moment

During the summer it’s a good chance to plant some of your autumn flowering bulbs and seeds if you have a greenhouse as it will help them to grow into bulbs and get off to the best start possible. Some seeds that flower between June and October are dwarf hyacinths, dahlias, carnations, and redbeckias and so are perfect for preparing now ready for next year.

Lawn love

Regular lawn mowing is the best way to create a summer-fun-friendly garden. If you’re playing football and outdoor games with the kids, you don’t want to get disrupted by an unruly lawn.

You should only cut your lawn when the grass has become too long, but the length of time needed between mowings can vary depending on how much rain we get! One great tip is to make sure that the blade on your mower isn’t set too low, so that your grass stays lush and green. We’ve got a great range of lawnmowers, including hover and petrol mowers, and even an amazing robotic lawnmower! So there is really no excuse to have your garden looking like a jungle.

garden shed

Weed control

Watch out for weeds! With the lovely weather and the regular watering that’s needed, weeds can crop up and scupper your plans for perfect borders. We’ve got lots of different types of weed killer at Wilko, if you want to do a small spot then use this great value weed spot killer at £2.50. For a larger area like a lawn or border use the Roundup weed killer with spray attachment, which kills the weeds right down to the roots to make sure the pesky blighters don’t come back again.

Edging borders

Edging borders is important to keep your garden looking tidy; it looks a lot more attractive to have neat borders and perfectly paved path edges. We’ve got plenty of tools that will help with border edging. Firstly, to tidy up the lawn before you put down paving or edging, it’s a good idea to use this Wilko lawn edger. It will help you to get a really straight edge and allow for a great base point to start paving or edging.

We also have a huge range of lawn edging and border trellises in a variety of materials and heights.

So get out there, and get your garden looking glorious!



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