With the holiday season fast approaching and the rules on travel still up in the air, it’s time to start thinking of some little ways we can bring the holiday vibe to our homes. And yes, summer staycation holidays can still be fun, even from your own home! From spa days to back garden camping, we’ve put together a list of the best staycation ideas that you can enjoy.

Spa day at home

With spas still closed under lockdown rules, why not bring the pampering to your own home? Have a fun day or evening with face masks, hair masks and manicure sets. Why not have a go at making your own face mask? Stick a film on, grab the snacks and get settled in your dressing gown for ultra-chilled vibes.

Wine tasting at home

Ever partake in an afternoon of wine tasting when you’re on holiday? Well there’s nothing stopping you engaging in a little wine tasting from the comfort of your own home, so why not host your own? Make sure you have enough wine glasses for tasting, and for the professional touch get some matching tumblers for the important water palate cleanser – nuts, crackers and bread are great for cleansing the palate too. If you are unsure what wine to serve, check with online wine merchants – and you can shop your wine at the same time! When you’re hosting, introduce the wine, encourage friends to jot down their thoughts on flavour and score each wine out of 10. If you wanted to go a little extra, why not make your own homemade wine?

Camp at home

If you’re a fan of camping holidays, there’s nothing stopping you from pitching your tent in your back garden. Bring all your camping equipment out into the garden that you’d usually take with you on your camping break and camp as you normally would! You can strike up the BBQ for lunch and get the guitar out for classic songs round the fire pit. Don’t forget the blankets and cushions to make it comfy. It’s the perfect romantic staycation idea! Why not opt for an outdoor picnic too? The kids will love the alfresco dining and putting all their favourite foods on a party plate!

Outdoor movie night 

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a projector screen, you can create the perfect outdoor cinema experience. But a laptop will work perfectly too. Grab your comfy camping chairs or create a cosy area with cushions, pillows and blankets. Get the fairy lights and candles on for the ambience. All you have to do is keep your fingers crossed for dry weather! Don’t forget the snacks and drinks of course – we recommend popcorn for the authentic cinema experience.

Bring the pool to you

If you love to stay around the pool and bathe when you’re on holiday, you can recreate this relaxing time when you’re in your own garden. Fill your paddling pool with warm water for that sun-kissed feel, place a recliner chair close to the pool, close your eyes and you can just about get that holiday pool-side vibe and your very own summer staycation. A cocktail in hand usually helps!

Tourist in your town

Does your hometown have cathedrals, castles and gardens that you’ve never explored before? How about canals that you’ve never walked or paddle boarded down? Now’s the time to get exploring what’s right on your doorstep and rekindle your love for your home county. If you live close to national parks, then take a day out to visit them and take a picnic with you. You’ll be amazed at how good the great outdoors and a bit of fresh air can make you feel.

So there you have it, some great staycation ideas for you and the family to enjoy this summer. Do share any ideas you have for holidaying from home over on our social channels!

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