Roll up, roll up! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and ghouls – it’s time for the biggest spooktacular event of the year: a terrifically terrifying, frightfully fun and petrifyingly perfect Halloween! Now we know things might be looking a little different to normal this year, but with tonnes of ideas you can do at home for a spooky themed night, we’ll help you make it your best Halloween yet. The big Halloween party might be out the window but there’s nothing stopping you still going all out with the devilish Halloween decorations to keep the spirit of Halloween alive! Put out your scariest snacks and decorate your very own spooky lair. Then whether it’s sticking on your favourite scary movie or getting the kids involved in some ghoulish Halloween games, you’ll be set for a fright to remember! Need some spooky inspiration? Take a look at our Halloween ideas below:

Ideas for a Halloween night to remember

1. Go all out with Halloween decorations

To create the spookiest atmosphere, sit large props in each room of your home. Halloween isn’t Halloween without a hanging spider or a light-up pumpkin! Light up pumpkins are a much safer alternative to leaving lit candles around a busy house, especially if alcohol is involved! Want to surprise the little ones? Check out our animated props for an extra spooky touch! Halloween decorations are definitely the quickest way to get you all feeling spooktacular!

2. Cook up some Halloween food and drink

It’s all about the spooky cocktails and mocktails! How about hollowing several large pumpkins, filling them with ice and using them as drinks coolers? According to party planners, the four main elements to a party are the entrance, food, drink, and music, so why not throw together some punch for your own family Halloween party? It’s a great way of adding a personal touch to your shindig. Add some fun labels to your punch for some extra character.

And if you want to go the extra mile, create some Halloween-themed food. Why not have a go at making our Frankenstein Finger Biscuits? They’re frightfully good!

3. Break out the Halloween music

Music can make or break a party so it’s definitely worth putting in some time to create your own playlist. Just remember to strike the balance between cheesy Halloween tunes and party classics so you don’t get tired of too many Monster Mash-type songs!

4. Set the Halloween table

You can bring Halloween to the dinner table too with our Halloween partyware. Our Halloween Table Cover is perfect for protecting your table from spills. And our spooky skull cups are just the thing for serving up all your spooky potions.

5. Dress up for the occasion!

Whether you want to go all out with one of our Halloween costumes for yourself or the kids, or you’re just going to go a bit extra with your Halloween make-up this year, name us a better time of year to embrace your alter ego and get your fancy dress on! (Even if you are just sat on the couch watching spooky movies!)

6. Create a petrifying pumpkin

Needing some pumpkin decorating inspiration? Look no further than our pumpkin carving templates and pumpkin painting tips to help you create the most petrifying pumpkin in the neighbourhood. The templates range in skill level, so are great for getting the whole family involved with. And don’t forget our pumpkin carving kit to make safe work of the cutting too! We’ll show you how in our pumpkins blog.

7. Try a scavenger hunt instead of trick or treating

Whilst we may not be able to go trick or treating this year, we’ve got plenty of alternative ways to keep the spooky fun alive… Say hello to our Halloween Scavenger Hunt! (Think Easter hunt but a bit more spooky!) Start by printing out our Halloween Scavenger Hunt Sheet and cutting out all the arrows and characters. Then hide some Halloween sweets in fun places around your home, placing each treat alongside the Halloween characters from our printed sheet to keep them company! Then write out clues to help your spooky hunters find all the characters and the sweets. Don’t forget to use the arrows from our sheet to navigate the trail too! Your clues can be as easy or as complicated as you like, depending on the age of your hunters. Where you hide your Halloween treats and characters will link into each clue you give your little ones. For example, if you’re hiding a clue in the bathroom, the clue to finding it might be: ‘This monster just loves a nice hot bath.’ Get it?

Here’s some more ideas to get you going:

  1. This monster loves watching TV
  2. This pumpkin likes to be eaten with a knife and fork
  3. This batty cat loves to dress up in Mum’s jewellery
  4. This skeleton can’t get enough of the smell of fresh laundry
  5. This cat’s feeling sleepy
  6. This bat likes to hang out in kitchen cupboards
  7. This spider likes to help hang out the washing

These can be written out on a piece of paper and given to each hunter or you can read each clue out one at a time during the hunt. Just use our handy characters and some of the spooky arrows to help direct your hunters to the harder clues!

Visit our online Halloween department for more petrifying props and everything you need to make it a fright to remember, or simply pop into your nearest store.

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