Updating your home with simple changes can give you a new lease of life, and in this blog we’ll be focusing on the living room. The living room is often the place in our homes where we spend the majority of our time. It’s the place that we kick back and relax in, where we can finally put our feet up after a long day at work. This means two things. One, we love making it look gorgeous as it’s where we spend the majority of our time. And two, when it comes to re-decorating, it can be one of the most disruptive rooms to get finished.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with several living room decorating ideas that will not only take minimal effort, but also won’t break the bank.

Living room makeover

The two different decor schemes in the images below show how easily the interior design of a room can be affected by not only decoration but also accessories. The changes needed to create the gorgeously serene setting you see in the ‘after’ image were actually quite minimal, and in this blog we’re focusing on simple interior design techniques that can be quickly implemented to create a dramatic change like this.

Room makeover

Get the look

Take a look through our huge paint range online to find the colour that suits you.

Make a feature wall

When looking for colour ideas to transform your living room, it can be all-too easy to play it safe with paint, choosing a neutral palette to avoid any interior design faux pas. The worry here obviously is that you’ll end up with a bland space. It’s not actually such a bad thing to go for a neutral base with wall decor, though, as you’ll have a lot more flexibility when it comes to accessorising. And remember, you can still be brave with colour when it comes to a bold feature wall. This will instantly uplift without you having to make such a big decision about what colour to paint your walls. It can also provide a great way to inject some colourful personality without it being too overbearing. 

To add real depth to your feature wall, try adding a collection of photo frames for a personalised finish. In the room below, we’ve created a real statement with a strong block of dark colour and kept it fresh and stylish with the injection of bright copper in the photo frames. Have a play with colours and see what works for you. The great thing about a feature wall is that it can quickly be changed. So go on, be brave.

Create a feature wall

Add a splash of colour to woodwork

A really effective way of quickly transforming the overall impact of your living room space is by painting woodwork with a coloured gloss or satin paint. If you have a neutral colour scheme, why not go bold with a darker shade such as a grey tone or even black paint on skirting boards, picture rails, window frames and door frames? This can have a really stylish impact and will look especially striking in rooms with tall ceilings that benefit from ample natural light.

If your walls are in need of a revamp, though, opt for a one-coat paint that will see you finished in record time (leaving more time for putting your feet up).

Upcycling furniture for a living room makeover

Revamp tired furniture

Think about what aspects of your room could take a fresh lick of paint – coffee tables, wooden chairs, side tables and shelving are all great options. With a resurgence in upcycling, there’s a greater breadth of furniture paint available now than there’s ever been, which is also making it easier than ever to transform existing furniture rather than forking out on new pieces.

Consider what space you have available in your room – don’t be afraid to use large statement pieces (even in small rooms) but make sure your furniture complements each other. It’s more aesthetically pleasing to the eye to have larger furniture items that fill a space, such as the larger chest of drawers in our first makeover, rather than a disjointed mismatch of smaller items.

Spray paints also provide a quick and effective means of revitalising furniture, and heat-resistant spray paint is ideal for giving a new lease of life to tired-looking fireplaces. The real beauty of upcycling is that you’re guaranteed to end up with a unique product every time – the perfect way to let out your inner creativity. For a full guide on how to best upcycle your furniture, check out our handy upcycling guide, and find everything you need to complete your next project with our upcycling essentials.


Furniture paint

Get inventive with paint

The internet is full to the brim with interior design ideas, and as a consequence paint is having to work harder for us than it ever has before. Blackboard paint is a superb example of how paint can be both functional and impactful. Often confined to the kitchen for fun to-do lists, chalkboard paint can also look incredibly stylish in the living room. If glitz and glam is more your thing, though, add light-reflecting glitter paint or metallic paint to elements of your space for a real touch of luxury.

We’d love to hear some of your favourite interior design ideas or how you’ve given your home an instant makeover. Get in touch on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

And for even more inspiration on how you can transform your space with a lick of paint, check out our full decorating range on wilko.com

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