Join us as we look at four instant ways to give your home a fresh boost of energy (no nasty green smoothies required). This is one plan you’ll enjoy getting on board with.

1. Declutter in style

Underbed storage

Storage solutions don’t have to be boring. When it comes to keeping us organised, plastic storage definitely has its place and it makes ideal underbed storage too. However, there are plenty more options out there – is it time to make storage work harder for you? Choose storage that doubles up as seating, like our distinctive ottomans, to maximise all available space. Or find a storage collection that complements your décor to boost the rest of your existing furniture. The right storage should seamlessly fit into your home and provide an effective way to sort that clutter out at the same time.

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Household cleaners

2. Get spring cleaning early

Once you’ve decluttered and can finally see the wood for the trees, it’s a great time to get your cleaning head on. Finding natural ways to clean your home will not only save you money, it’s also a great way to do your bit for the environment and look after your family. We’ve also got loads of simple cleaning hacks that will help you blitz the big clean. With the right household cleaners to hand, you’ll be whizzing through the chores in no time. Our huge range of wilko branded cleaning products don’t just work hard for you, they’re also great value. And with savings here, you’ll have those extra few pennies in your back pocket to spend on some new updates to your home.

3. Update your home accessories

Candles and candle holders

One of the quickest ways to refresh your home is by updating your accessories. We’re not talking a complete home makeover here, just simple additions that will have a big impact. Revive a tired-looking sofa with a new set of cushions, enjoy the dark winter nights with beautiful candles, and add personality to your space with home accessories like photo frames filled with your favourite memories.

4. Add some plant life

It’s well known that having plants in your home has a number of benefits, from purifying the air to improving mood. With spring just around the corner, why not try one of our grow kits to bring plant life inside and kick the growing season off? From fresh herbs to tasty veg, these kits making growing easy and will, quite literally, bring new life into your home.Grow kits

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