Redecorating? We’ve got a huge range of different colours and paints to suit you, your home and most importantly, your family. If you’ve got kids with sticky fingers, we’ve got easily wipeable, durable paint. We’ve even got paint that’ll survive steamy shower rooms and those that’ll take the heat in the kitchen. If you’re wanting to make a big statement then there’s, well, ‘Statement’ and if you’re in a hurry, we can help with that, too.

Find the paint you need

Our handy video guide will give you an insight into what’s what and when to use it…

Specialist paint

Paint your floor in a new shade or customise walls with blackboard paint. We’ve even got white paint which goes on pink and dries white, so you never miss a spot!

Wilko blackboard paintWilko Quick Dry Floor Paint Black Wilko Quick Dry Floor Paint Granite Wilko Quick Dry Floor Paint Norfolk Sands Wilko Easy White Matt Emulsion

From left: Wilko quick dry blackboard paint (500ml) – £6.00;  Wilko quick dry floor paint in BlackGranite, and Norfolk Sands (750ml) – £13 from a selection here;  Wilko Easy White Matt Emulsion (2.5l) – £12.00

Wilko Easy White goes on pink and dries white so you never miss a spot!

Durable paint

Our durable paint is the perfect paint for busy families and pet owners. It’s 10x tougher than standard matt emulsion, scuff-resistant and washable, which makes it great for hallways.

Wilko Durable Matt Emulsion Bumble Bee      Wilko Durable Matt Emulsion Plum Berry Wilko Durable Matt Emulsion AhoyWilko Durable Matt Emulsion Raspberry Meld Wilko Durable Matt Emulsion Pastel Green

From left: Wilko durable matt emulsion in Bumble Bee, Plum Berry, Ahoy, Raspberry Meld and Pastel Green – was £15 now £12  from a selection here.

Bathroom paint

Refresh your bathroom with our specially designed bathroom paint which dries in just 2 to 4 hours.  It’s moisture resistant and easy to clean which makes it just the thing for family bathrooms.

Wilko Bathroom Paint Pure Brilliant White Wilko Bathroom paint - Pure Brilliant WhiteWilko Bathroom Paint Cool Water Wilko Bathroom Paint Cosy Grey Wilko Bathroom Paint Zesty

From left: Wilko bathroom paint in Pure Brilliant White (2.5l) – £12  and Cool Water, Cosy Grey and Zesty (2.5l) – £15 each, from a selection here.

Kitchen paint

Give the heart of your home a new lease of life with our grease-resistant and washable kitchen paint. It’s ideal for busy kitchen, can be wiped clean and dries in just 2 to 4 hours.

Wilko Kitchen Paint Pure Brilliant White Wilko Kitchen Paint Tinsel TownWilko Kitchen Paint Biscuit CrunchWilko Kitchen Paint Sage Wilko Kitchen Sunshine Yellow

From left: Wilko kitchen paint in Tinsel Town, Biscuit Crunch, Sage and Sunshine Yellow (2.5l) – £15 each, from a selection here.

Make a statement

Our statement paint is great for creating feature walls and is an easy way to give your room a quick makeover.

Wilko Statement Paint Copper Pipe Wilko Statement Paint Copper Pipe Wilko Statement Paint Urban Jungle Wilko Statement Paint Retro OchreWilko Statement Paint Deeply Plum

From left: Wilko Statement paint in Copper Pipe£12Urban Jungle, Retro Ochre and Deeply Plum (all 1.25l) –£9.00 each

Simply the Best

This luxuriously rich and creamy paint offers superior coverage which is perfect for hiding surface flaws and imperfections.

Wilko Flat Matt Emulsion Wilko Flat Matt Emulsion Canterbury DuckWilko Flatt Matt Emulsion Blotting Paper Wilko Flat Matt Emulsion Elegant Rose Wilko Flat Matt Emulsion Birch White

From left: Wilko Best paint in Canterbury Duck EggBlotting Paper, Elegant Rose and Birch White (2.5l) – £15 each

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