Whether you’re a bath time soaker or a morning shower lingerer, the bathroom is often the place we go to chill out. It’s a sanctuary for thinking, relaxing, maybe a little singing… oh and getting clean, of course! However, we know it’s also one of the busiest rooms in the house, particularly during the mad morning rush – you barely get chance to brush your teeth; let alone take notice of the décor!

But with all this activity, it seems silly to waste the room on white walls! Why not give it some oomph instead?! After all, the bathroom is one of the places guests are most likely to visit while they’re at the house. No need for a new suite – just a few tweaks and you can take control of the clutter and brighten up the boring bits! Take a look at our video below for some fab ideas on giving the bathroom a boost.

We’ll warn you though; you might never want to get out of the bath again!

Give your bathroom a facelift!

Give walls and woodwork a bit of warmth with specialised bathroom paint, available in a range of colours. Our bathroom paint is grease and moisture resistant that’s 10x tougher than standard emulsion. It’s easy to clean, too. For more inspiration and information on painting your bathroom, head here.

Accessories will give your bathroom an instant facelift. Whether you want nautical, neutral, minimalist or jazzy, we’ve got the products to suit your style. Choose from simple and small products such as matching sandstone accessories, pretty hanging plaques and light pulls for a quick but perfectly sufficient makeover. We also have fabulous storage solutions for your bathroom. From glass shelving to wooden cabinets, you’ll find it all at Wilko.

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