All living rooms can become havens of relaxation and socialising, and regardless of size, all you need are a few tips and tricks to create a space that’s comfortable and relaxing for you. From choosing the paint or wallpaper for the walls, to picking out furniture and finishing touch accessories, we’ll help you get started!

Paint or paper? Why not both?

At wilko we recommend planning your space with a mood board. Planning your dream room will help you achieve your aims and make sure you don’t miss any vital elements such as accessories, lighting and the different textures you choose to work with.

As a starting point, using neutral colours to achieve a light and airy look is perfect for a smaller room and Wilko Colour Emulsion Paint in Natural Twine is a great alternative to a traditional magnolia colour. With yellow undertones, it will create a modern, fresh and complementary base for any living room.

For a more creative wall space, how about having an on-trend feature wall with some well-chosen wallpaper? We love our Moroccan Tile Blue wallpaper together with our Matt Emulsion Chalk White Paint. The two compliment each other brilliantly; the neutral paint colour keeps the room light, and the wallpaper adds personality and colour. 


If you like to bring the outdoors in, why not go for a bright green wallpaper for your feature wall? Arthouse Wallpaper in Tropical Palm is a great option. Our Durable Matt Emulsion Paint in Delicate Fern compliments the tropical wallpaper brilliantly. The plain base gives a gorgeously light look and lots of freedom when deciding what furniture and accessories to add to your room. 


Furniture fun and Feng Shui

Carefully selected furniture pieces can transform a smaller living room space but you don’t want to over complicate things and add lots of unnecessary bulky pieces. A few useful and space-saving furniture items will make all the difference.

Not enough space for a larger sofa? Two-seater sofas are great for small spaces. And if you need an extra chair for guests, choose a stylish single chair that won’t take up much room.  The sofa and chair below don’t include arms – saving you much-needed space. And your chairs and sofas don’t always have to match. Today there’s far more emphasis on personal style. Most of us don’t want a home that looks like it has been bought straight from the pages of a catalogue. As long as they tie in with your overall wallpaper and paint décor, you’re sorted.


And just because you have a smaller living room it doesn’t mean that you can’t still watch all your favourite shows. Our multi TV bracket lifts your flat screen TV up and means you won’t need a bulky TV stand.

Finishing touches

At wilko we have an amazing selection of homeware and living room accessories all designed to make your living room personal to you. Continuing to keep the colour scheme light and airy, choose accessories with neutral colours. Ottomans are a great idea for small spaces. They’re perfect for resting your feet on and just the thing to store throws, cushions and magazines. If you don’t have a carpet or are renting your home and can’t make radical changes to the room, then a cosy rug is ideal.

Lighting is another saviour for smaller spaces. Fairy lights, light pendants and shades will have a fantastic impact on a room but won’t take up any floor space. Wider light shades mean that more light will fill the room; our vintage pendant light has a classic style and will bathe your living room in a warm glow. Our battery operated LED lights (bottom right) pinned around a fire place or mirror add a touch of elegance and allow you to create mood lighting without having to use lamps that take up much-needed floor space.



For a simple way to create an illusion of space, mirrors are your best friend as they give depth to a room. Our Hexagon mirror will look great on any wall, and if you can hang the mirror on a wall opposite your windows, natural light will reflect back into even the darkest of spaces. Our mirror candle plate also serves to bounce light around the room.

Hopefully we have given you some inspiration for making the most out of your living room space no matter the size of the room. You don’t have to sacrifice on style and it doesn’t have to cost a lot either.

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