Creating a new lawn for your garden can be a hard task , here at Wilko we have created a handy guide to help.


  • Clear and weed the site and dig over thoroughly.
  • Firm the surface, rake level and remove as many stones as possible.
  • Roll the surface to help prevent hollows occurring but not too firm or the soil will become over-compacted.
  • 10-14 days prior to sowing the grass seed, rake Growmore fertiliser into the top 2cm. of the soil at 70g per sq metre (2oz sq yd) and water well. This will provide essential nutrients to encourage a strong root system and promote healthy growth.


Whichever grass seed you choose, sow at 35g-70g m2 (1-2oz per sq yd), in April or September.


  • Split the seed into two batches, sowing first from one direction, and then at right angles, for good even coverage.
  • Rake over the seeds lightly and water. If the ground has been properly prepared, although a few weeds may appear initially, they will be suppressed once the grass is well enough established to be mown.
  • First mowing should be undertaken when the grass is 3-5cm. long. Feeding should not be necessary during the first growing season given adequate ground preparation

Although turfing can be expensive, it is an excellent alternative to seed sowing and it does give you a new lawn from day one. Turfing is best undertaken in early spring or autumn and the new-laid turf will thrive on well raked, level, stone-free soil.


  • Lay the first row tightly up against each other.
  • Place a plank over them to kneel on while you lay the next row, staggering each turf against the first row like bricks in a wall.
  • Choose good-sized pieces for edging and press down firmly everywhere, brushing sieved topsoil or lawn dressing into any cracks.
  • Water well in dry weather to aid rooting and begin feeding once well established – usually takes 6 months.

Wildflower meadows have become very popular in recent years. To convert an existing lawn into a meadow.


  • Remove the top 8cm (3 inches) of turf and soil. (Don’t throw away the skimmed turf -stack it upside down and let it rot down into loam). If your soil is heavy turn it over and dig in some sharp sand.
  • Choose a meadow grass and flower seed mixture and sow as directed.
  • Do not apply any artificial feeds. Meadows take a minimum of three years to get established.


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