Gardens up and down the country are experiencing an invasion of slugs and snails on a mission to chomp on carefully cultivated crops. At Wilko, we have everything you need to deter hungry slugs and snails from your outdoor space and protect your plants.

The warm winter and wet spring has seen the slug population avoid their usual period of hibernation and instead spend their time breeding, leading to an increased slug count. The average garden is said to have thousands just waiting to chew their way through our beloved plants.

Let us help you protect your garden. We have a fantastic range of products available including:

Wilko Slug Killer Large

Wilko Slug Bait 

Wilko Copper Tape

Wilko Slug Be Gone Pellets

Did you know?

A single slug or snail can eat twice their body weight in a single day?

Creating a barrier

One method of stopping snails and slugs is the use of a barrier. Mesh wire netting is the easiest way. It doesn’t need to be high and the top can be bent outwards at a 45 degree angle to stop snails climbing over the top.

Other barriers could include:

-Gravel or grit
-Broken egg shells
-Thorny branches or leaves
-Thistle leaves
-A cloche will also do the trick

Attracting the enemy

Snails and slugs have a large number of different enemies which you can encourage by making your garden more attractive for them.

-Hedgehogs – very useful because they eat a large number of snails and slugs.
-Frogs and toads – ponds are also a great way of attracting other wildlife
-Thrushes and blackbirds – thrushes are especially keen on snails. They love dried fruit like currants and raisins. We have a great range of bird feeders available that will look great in any garden
-Common shrew – shrews build themselves nests, and these are likely to be under stones or logs. They have a huge appetite so they will be attracted to any food you leave out.
-Ground Beetles

Plants they love and hate

With slugs and snails around all young plants and seedlings are vulnerable to attack, however they particularly love soft, succulent foliage and stems and favour plants such as sweet peas, delphiniums, lettuce and dahlias. On the other hand they dislike plants that have tough to chew leaves or that taste bitter, are hairy glossy or waxy such as evergreen shrubs, grasses, ferns, roses, fuchsias and geraniums.

Do you have any top tips to deter snails and slugs? Let us know on our Facebook page or on Twitter @LoveWilko. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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