Just returned from your sunny holiday and struggling with the daily grind? Fear not, with our tips, we’ll put the spring back in your step, give you things to look forward to and help you beat the post-holiday blues.

1. Look after yourself

Getting back into daily life can seem like a real chore; there’s the tea to prep, the clothes to wash, and that’s before you’ve even thought about getting the kids ready for back to school. With an ever-increasing busy life, it’s so important to find the time for yourself, even if it’s just 10 minutes. Good wellbeing is vital to long-term happiness, so when you can, just pause, slow down and find some ‘me time’. Here are some quick and easy ways to look after yourself:

  • Run a bath

When the kids are all in bed and the chores and tasks are complete for the day, why not run yourself a bath? Fill it with bubble bath, light some candles and switch off for 10 minutes.

  • Read a book

Picking up a book instead of your phone will help your brain switch off and you’ll be able to escape reality for a short while. Pick some chill out songs to put on in the background, or just enjoy the sweet sound of your brain winding down.

  • Put on your favourite Netflix series

Get the face mask on, pour yourself a glass of wine or a hot cup of Ovaltine and lay out on the sofa to your favourite Netflix show.

2. Remember your holiday

Just because your holiday has ended, it doesn’t mean your memories have to. So pick out your favourite photos and get them processed. You can either put them into new photo frames or stick them in a scrapbook. The kids will love helping out with that; they can stick in their postcards, shells, and other bits and pieces they have collected from their holiday. You can also add in restaurant receipts and cards, to help you remember all those tasty meals out you enjoyed.


3. Switch up your routine

Bored of your same old routine? Then make simple changes to put a different spin on your day. We’ve collected a handful of little tweaks that you can start today:

  • Chat to a commuter

If you always have your headphones in, take them out and chat to a commuter. It doesn’t have to be a long conversation, just something small will do.

  • Take a photo on the way to work

Search for something beautiful on your way to work. Try to do this once a week and see what you’ve collated at the end of the month.

  •  Set a priority for the evening

It’s tempting to waste the hours you have when you get home from work. If you’re getting tired of eating, washing up and watching the tele, why not set yourself a small task to do in the evening? This could be anything from calling a friend you haven’t spoken to in ages to completing a gym/exercise routine.

  •  List things you’re grateful for

As a society, we often focus too much on the negatives. So write a list of all the little things you have achieved throughout the day or things that you’re grateful for.

4. Have things to look forward to

With the holiday out of the way, it can be hard to find things to look forward to. But joy can be found in the smallest things, it’s just about adapting your mindset and switching up your routine to fill the gaps with fun things.

Why not open your diary and mark up birthdays and notable dates. Seeing too many free weekends in the diary? Don’t sweat it, being ‘event’ free can be a good thing. Find the good in the fact that you don’t have anything to be rushing around for, spending your money on and stressing that you don’t have anything to wear for. Spend time in the garden, enjoy a glass of wine listening to some chill-out tunes.

All that free time not agree with you? Then put the feelers out to friends and family to organise a get together. It could be an inexpensive family BBQ, or a kid-free drinks and nibbles night with your friends. Eat, drink, natter and laugh together. It’s the little things that can make the biggest difference.

5. Ah what the hell, book another holiday!

Serial holiday booker? If time and budget allows then why not get yourself another holiday booked? It doesn’t have to be as extravagant as the last one, think quick city break or long weekend in the sun. Don’t forget to refresh your toiletries, and luggage. If you can’t afford a holiday at the moment, there’s nothing stopping you from researching into holiday destinations for next summer. Think about the places you haven’t been to before and the new things you want to experience to help pick the right spot for you.

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