Fake lashes are an absolute must when creating dramatic styles!
Applying false lashes may not be as easy at first, though, so we asked the experts at essence to show you how to create a truly glamorous look in just a few steps.

Top tip: Lashes should be applied after you’ve done your eye make-up, for the final finishing touch! If you need to, you can always touch-up your eyeliner/mascara afterwards.

Step 1

Carefully remove the fake lashes from the packaging using a pair of tweezers. If the length of the lashes isn’t quite right, simply shorten the ends with nail scissors to match the length of your eyelid.

Step 2

applying glue to false eyelashes

Apply a thin layer of essence frame for fame lash glue on the band of the fake lashes (all essence false eyelashes come with a tube of glue to use with them) and leave it to dry for 30 seconds. If you’re going for single lashes, apply the glue on each individual lash.

Step 3

applying false lashes

Using your fingers, attach the band of lashes at the outer edge of your eye close to the lash line. Press down gently.  Apply single lashes individually with tweezers.

The result

false lashes

Left: voluminous lashes

Right: glamour lashes

Removing false eyelashes

Carefully peel the lashes from the inner corner of your eye outwards. Use a moist tissue to gently remove any glue residue. Place the eyelashes back in their pack carefully, ready to use next time!

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