When it comes to revision, you’ll find that everyone has their own way of remembering important bits of information. Some will re-write classroom notes, others prefer creating mind maps and it’s not unusual for people to record themselves reciting information and then playing it back. It doesn’t matter how you decide to tackle your revision, what’s important is that you find a style that suits you.

To help you get started, we’ve pulled together some handy tips that’ll help you make the most of the time you have:

• Find somewhere quiet to study (and no, your bed isn’t an option!)
• If you’re a note taker, try using colours and symbols that mean something to you to highlight important information.
• Get plenty of sleep every night – this helps ‘cement’ new information you’ve just learnt into your memory. And go to bed early the night before the exam so you wake up refreshed and ready to go; last minute cramming won’t help!
• Print out lots of practice exam papers to test your knowledge.
• Avoid distractions – if you’re normally always on your phone, switch it off until you’ve finished revising.
• Don’t spend too long on a subject you’re confident with – if you’ve learnt it, move on and pick up something new.
• Enjoy your evenings – it shouldn’t always be about work.
• Ask someone in the family to test you – reciting important information helps you to remember it better.
• Make the most of your teachers – lots of schools offer support from teachers throughout the revision period, so if you’re struggling with a certain topic why not ask them for help?
• Revise in groups – some people find it helpful to have classmates to bounce ideas off.
• Don’t compare yourself to others – it doesn’t matter how much or little revision your classmates are doing compared to you, as long as you’re comfortable with your own plan and stick to it.

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The Day Of The Exam

• Try and eat a good, healthy breakfast before you set off for your exam – whole grain toast with peanut butter or oatmeal cereal are great brain boosters.
• Get there in plenty of time.
• Don’t forget all your equipment – have it all ready in a clear pencil case prepared the night before.
• Avoid panicky friends – try and steer clear of friends who are natural worriers as they’ll only make you feel worse.
• Take a bottle of water – you’re allowed a clear bottle of water without a label in the exam room, and it’ll keep you hydrated and focused for the few hours you’ll spend there.

And last but not least, good luck!

For hints and tips on how to plan your revision time and to download a revision timetable, take a look at our ‘Top Tips for Exam Revision Planning’ blog.

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