After the sheer gluttony (and delight) of Christmas, many of us look towards shaping a ‘new me’ for the new year. It’s easy to be enthusiastic at first as we fill our trolleys with fruit and veg and sign up to over priced gyms. At Wilko we want to help you keep the momentum going making healthy eating and living about being a lifestyle choice, not a hard to maintain diet, and to help you enjoy benefits like looking and feeling great, with healthy skin and nails, as well as increased energy.

Super smoothies

Smoothies are a quick and easy way to increase our intake of fruit and veg. With a variety of easy to use and quick to clean blenders available at Wilko, you will have no problem reaching your 5 a day target. Many of our blenders take up very little cupboard or surface space so the size of your kitchen is no excuse when it comes to building healthy smoothies into your daily routine. Check out our range here 

Super foods for super smoothies

food table

Winter warmers – slow cookers and soup makers

Slow cookers are a convenient way to prepare tasty meals with little to no fuss. The ultimate replacement for often costly and calorie ridden convenience foods and ready meals. Once you’ve popped all of your ingredients in and turned it on, you can leave many of them for up to 12 hours. They are perfect for tenderising cheaper cuts of meat and making healthy and nutritious soups and casseroles.  Check out our range here, and if you are really embracing home made healthiness for the coming year, why not make your own bread too – that way you know exactly what is in the food you eat.

Batch cooking – containers

Investing in a slow cooker can also be a great way of embracing batch cooking. Simply cook more than you need of those home made soups, casseroles and curries, portion them out into containers and label them up. With very little time and effort you will soon have a freezer full of home made convenience food – see, staying on track can be easy!

A weeks worth of lunches

It’s easy for lunch to be your downfall when trying to eat healthy, either you don’t have time to pre-prepare a home made lunch or it just seems easier to buy it on the go. Now is the time to think about the pounds in your purse. The average lunch will cost over £5 per day, if you work full time, that’s £25 per week, and over the course of the month and then the year you could end up spending up to £1,300 of your hard earned wages on lunch each year.

Taking half an hour on a Sunday to think ahead and prepare lunch for the week will save you time and money in the long run, not to mention the health benefits you’ll start to reap.

Healthy week long lunch ideas – pick one from each column, cook it and batch it up!

healthy eating ideas

Find your containers for batch cooking and week long lunches here


Sometimes our day-to-day diet can use a little support. At Wilko, we have a varied range of vitamins and supplements to help complement your diet and help you achieve your health goals. Check out our range here.

Serve it up in style – kitchenware

No matter what you’re cooking up, check out our full kitchen ware range. Lovingly selected by our buyers for you to ensure you have all the gadgets, utensils, pots, pans and equipment you need to prepare and enjoy nutritious food the whole year through.

Grow your own

If you are really embracing the healthy life , you might like to try growing your own delicious fruit and vegetables. We have a full and varied range of seeds to choose  from and all the tools and products you’ll need to grow your own. Click here to take a peek.

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