With Halloween just a few days away we wanted to share with you something a little more gruesome than the norm. If you don’t like fake blood and sea monsters I’d avert your eyes!

Wilko got in touch with makeup artist Rachael Divers to create two truly horrifying looks for you to feast your eyes on this Halloween! If you’re stuck for Halloween costume ideas, why not try these for size? First up, the dreaded Sea Witch!

You will need:

Step 1: Paint the entire face green using a green face paint or green lipstick mixed with a white foundation. Top Tip:  Sponges work best for even coverage.

Paint face with green face paint

Step 2: Use black face paint or a dark brown eye shadow to black out the eyes on the top lids and the bottom rim.  Next use a sparkling green pigment to brush over the eyes and the dark shadow and brush out towards the temples. Start on the eyes – we’d suggest using something sparkly just to make your eyes “pop”!

Put sparkly green eyeshadow round eyes

Step 3: Use black eyeliner or black face paint with a fine liner brush and paint in the eyebrows. Using the same pencil or brush, paint on some simple waves or “flames”, from the tops of the brows and out towards the temples. Apply the same technique for the corner of your eyes, sweeping outwards.

Paint flames above eyebrows

Step 4: Line the lips with the same black liner used for your eyes, or alternatively a dark lip liner, you can also use this to give the lips a gory, “sewed up” look by extending short black liners from the corners of the mouth, and adding a few horizontal lines.

Line the lips with black face paint or eyeliner

Step 5: Taking a red lipstick or face paint, fill in the rest of the lips and blend the black liner out into a softer colour. Dab a little glitter over the top of the lips for a more metallic, shimmering look.

Step 6: Taking your fake blood, drip the blood from a makeup brush so it comes from the corner of the eye (be careful not to get this into the eye!) and the corner of the mouth. You can also use red face paint applied to look like drips of blood.

Drip fake blood on to face near eyes and mouth

Step 7: Add a beauty spot with your black liner as a finishing touch and if you want to go all out some crazy contacts for your eyes.

Add a beauty spot

Special thanks to Rachael Divers for her fab work and Divers photography for the images. If you’d like more information about Rachael you can see her blog here.

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