Yesterday, Granny McEerie showed you how to perfect your ghostly bride makeup look. Today, she’s showing you how to get the hairdo to go with it, cobwebs and all! This hairstyle is best to use on 1 day old hair, so preferably wash the hair the day before. Here’s Granny with the details…

Spray sections of hair with heat defence sprayCurl sections of hair round a curling wandCurled hair

STEP 1 – Start at the back of the head, at the neckline and take sections of the hair and comb through to ensure the hair is straight.

STEP 2 – Use a heat defence spray all over each section of hair and comb through again.

STEP 3 – Starting halfway down each section of hair, curl around a curling wand to the tip. Hold the hair in place for about 20 seconds, being careful not to burn fingers, and then release.

TOP TIP: Because of the hairstyle being an “up-do”, there is no need to curl from the root.

STEP 4 – Continue this method until the hair is fully curled.

TOP TIP: Curls can also be created by using straightening irons.

TOP TIP: For layered hair, twist the ends of the hair between the fingers before curling to stop any fly away strands that may stick out.

Run fingers through hair to loosen curlsBackcomb sections of hairBackcomb hair to create volume


STEP 5 – Once curls have been created run fingers through hair to loosen the curls.

STEP 6 – Section the hair off again from the back of the head and backcomb all sections until a “big hair” style has been created.

Pin sections of hair with hairgripsDust hair with talcum powderAdd fake cobwebs to hair


STEP 7 – From the top of the head, from the fringe line, take sections of hair and twist from root to tip and then pin into place with hairgrips, creating an “up-do” on the top of the head.

TOP TIP: Curls don’t need to be neat, the messier the better. The sections that you are twisting should be of different sizes.

STEP 8 – Around the face and ears, strands of hair can be left hanging and curled to finish off the look.

STEP 9 – Dab a blusher brush into some talcum powder and shake off the excess. Place the brush over the hair and using fingers, tap the brush so the talcum powder falls into the hair. Continue with this step until the effect is created. Add more or less depending on how you want to look.

STEP 10 – To finish, add fake cobweb strands and spiders to hair.

The finished look

Ghost Bride hair


What Granny used

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