Hey, I’m Jess. I’m 19, and currently working as an assistant buyer here at wilko during my gap year. During my time here I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to be a guest blogger – yes, yes and yes again!

Going to uni can be a big change and sometimes it’s hard to get settled – take it from someone who’s experienced this! Last year I spent two months at university but decided to leave because my course wasn’t right for me. You’re thrown into this new place with new people and I found it quite disorienting. Making my halls at uni more of a home rather than just a room helped me feel happier there. Now that I’ve taken a year out, not only do I feel more excited to go back, I feel ready. However, being more prepared can make the transition much easier and relieve any stress you could be feeling about moving out.

With university now just around the corner, I thought that I’d base my post on my university experience and tell you about the great wilko stuff you actually need to take with you. These are my top picks:

1. Wilko Decelerate notebook – £3

First things first, you can’t go wrong with a brand new notepad. You spend a lot of time making notes at uni so you may as well have a stylish new notepad to make them in.

2. Wilko magnetic weekly planner – £2.75

I found that you become a very busy bee at uni and balancing time and remembering plans isn’t the easiest, so this yearly planner is a must-have. You can write on any weekly reminders, lecture times and, of course, nights out. This is a good way to keep on top of anything and everything you need to remember.

3. Indoor plant – £1.50 to £5

I personally love a bit of greenery. I’m not going to narrow it down to one specific plant because wilko stock so many! It is extremely enjoyable to go a pick out a plant and it is a lovely feeling to have something small to look after throughout your time at uni. They don’t require much attention and I think they’re just really cool.

4. Wilko rose gold magazine tidy – £3.50

Simple and effective is all that can be said about this product. When at uni you get a lot of loose (yet important) sheets of paper and keeping track of them definitely isn’t easy. Magazine tidies like this are vital. They keep your desk clear – tidy desk, tidy mind.

5. Wilko reed diffuser jasmine and honeysuckle – £3

Everyone loves a nice smelling room. That is the head and tail of it. Wilko have many affordable reed diffusers and my favourite scent is jasmine & honeysuckle however they all smell unbelievable. A little bit of ambiance and peace can go a long way.

6. Wilko pedestal and bath mat set – £8

If you’re in an en-suite room at uni this set is an absolute luxury. I didn’t have one when I first started and every time I got out of the shower I had to put down a clean towel or I’d risk getting my feet all dirty again… not ideal. These are colourful, great value for money and super-soft.

7. Wilko radiator airer – £3

These airers are fundamental university equipment. In my case washing and drying was quite expensive so sometimes I’d wash my socks and delicates in my sink. I’d then put my radiator/heater on and hang my washing on my airer to dry. It was as easy as that. This product is very useful.

8. Wilko teddy bear rug teal 60 x 110cm – £15

A rug is something I never had at uni and it’s something I’m definitely having this time around. Waking up on a morning and putting your feet on cold laminated floor isn’t that pleasant when you’re tired. This rug is great value for money, it’s a good size, very soft and the colour will go with any room. If your uni room isn’t carpeted I’d certainly recommend buying this rug.

9. Wilko 32L storage box and lid – £6

These are essential for moving in and you can actually fit a lot more in them than you think. They’re great for keeping under your bed to store away clothes, shoes or other items you’d like to keep in your room and if 32L isn’t enough you can go for 45L for £8 instead.

10. Wilko Sassy firefly lights – £3

When I first started at uni all I saw in people’s rooms were gorgeous little fairy lights and truth be told the more I saw them the more I wanted some. With that in mind I’ve already bought these exact fairy lights and I can’t wait to decorate my room with them. The batteries can be easily replaced and whether you’re catching up on some work or having a quite night in they’re perfect to light the room.

Well, that’s the end of my list. Thanks for listening to me and I hope I’ve helped you plan for your next adventure. Uni is about learning lots of new things, making great friends and having loads of fun. Don’t worry if you don’t settle in straight away, moving to university is a big step but don’t forget that change is good. I found that being prepared for the next step really helped. Let me know if you’ve already bought some cool stuff for uni – good luck and enjoy!

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