If you fancy growing your own veg but can’t spare the time or space for an entire vegetable patch, why not have a go at container gardening? It’s space-saving and easy to get started.

You can grow an amazing variety of vegetables, herbs, fruits and salad leaves in pots, hanging baskets and window boxes. Dwarf, compact and mini vegetables are ideal. Think beetroot, carrots, courgettes, chillies, or even fruit like tomatoes (yes, they fall into the fruit category!) and strawberries which take no time at all.

Sound delicious? Then grab some plant containers, and let’s get growing growing…

Choose a container

Terracotta and concrete pots with drainage holes are great as they’re porous, retain heat and look great in your garden.

Plastic containers are inexpensive, lightweight, and heat up and cool down quickly. You can even use recycled food cans, storage boxes, an old tea pot or even old cooking pans – whatever takes your fancy really! Just don’t forget to make plenty of drainage holes in the bottom to prevent water logging.

Ceramic plant pots  are a great way to add colour to your garden and are frost-resistant too.

To get the most out of your container plants, they’ll need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight! Our raised angle bed is perfect for particularly shady spots as they can be angled towards the sun for the best growing results.

Top Tip: Roots love good drainage. Help them to breathe by placing a layer of gravel in the bottom of your pots – or in larger containers, simply add upturned pots to the base.

Follow our simple steps to container gardening

  1. Start by filling your container with multi-purpose compost. Mixing in a slow release fertiliser will help provide nutrients throughout the season.
  2. Thoroughly water the container before you start planting.
  3. Plant your vegetables of choice according to the package directions.
  4. Water regularly, and if the weather turns cold, cover them over – we’re usually still at risk of frost until late May.

Plant your vegetables in containers at the same time you would plant them in the garden. Now’s a great time to start sowing as goodies like beans, beetroot and courgettes as these are often ready for picking by the start of summer.

Easy growing fruit and veg

Spring onions:

Quick to grow, mild-tasting and ready to eat in just eight weeks. Sow from February right through until September.


There’s nothing quite like hot crunchy heat in your salads! Ready to reap in just four weeks, and can be sown every three weeks from spring.


Choose a warm sunny spot from April through to mid July for an abundance of tasty veg throughout the summer months.


Strawberries are fantastic for a quick turnaround. Tasty, delicious and a pleasure to grow. Sow from mid March to start enjoying by the end of May.


As long as they have a sunny spot sheltered from the wind, tomatoes will grow just about anywhere in pots.


This nutrient-rich vegetable is fast growing and should be placed in full sunlight for the best results.

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