Give your fruit, veg and flowers the boost they need. With the right tools and a little know how you will soon have a garden full of colour and flavour.

Start with the soil

A deep, organic soil encourages the growth of healthy roots that are able to reach more nutrients and water. Raised beds are the quickest way to get that deep level of fertile soil and will yield more crops.

Check out our blog on raised beds for a greater insight into the fantastic benefits of using raised beds.

Grow Up

Even if you have a tiny garden, you can grow more by going vertical. Grow vining crops such as tomatoes, beans and peas using trellis, fencing, garden canes and even exterior wall for support.

Growing vegetables vertically is also a great time saver, making harvesting and maintenance quick and easier thanks to improved visibility. Another great benefit is that keeping crops off of the ground makes them less likely to be attacked and compromised by pests and diseases.

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Mix and Match

Inter-planting compatible crops not only saves space but optimises growth. Tall plants for example, provide shade for sun sensitive smaller plants. Compatible crops include tomatoes, basil, onions, lettuce, peas, carrots, onions and radishes- go on, give it a go!

Compost matters

Compost adds nutrients to the soil, manages its moisture content, prevents plant diseases and keeps earth worms and other beneficial soil creatures active. Mix compost into your soil when creating a new garden bed or adding new plants.

Root Cause

The delicate tips of plant roots are where they take their water and nutrients so be careful not to damage roots when planting. However, if you find primary roots wrapping around themselves in the pot, carefully straighten them out and cut them so that they will continue healthy growth into the surrounding soil.

Mulch It

Flowers growing in soil that have been mulched are more likely to survive their first year as mulched soil retains water better and is less prone to weeds.

Go to Seed- How to Enjoy Successful Sowing

Here are three brilliant blooms we love:

Sunflowers: Easy to grow, just plant seeds straight into the ground in a shady spot and let the fun begin.

Don’t forget to give them some support as some varieties can grow up to 14ft tall! We have an excellent selection to choose from.

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Sweet Peas: Known for their magnificent fragrance. These large seeds need a sunny spot, some support and plenty of water. The fantastic thing about sweet peas is that the more you pick, the more you grow!

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Aquilegia: Aquilegia’s are easy plants to grow from seed and will come back year after year. They tolerate almost any conditions and their pretty bonnet like flowers come in almost every colour combination imaginable.

The Right Tools for the Job

The successful gardener doesn’t need loads of tools- just the right ones. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, here are five tools you shouldn’t be without:



Greenhouses Can be Great

Greenhouses give you more possibilities when it comes to growing, allowing you to grow plants and vegetables that wouldn’t normally suit our cooler climate. Thanks to our great range of fantastic mini- green houses and propagators, almost everyone will have the space to have a go.

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Feed Me

For the best results in your garden, it’s essential to feed your flowers and fruit and vegetable plants. You’ll be amazed how much better they’ll grow, with increased produce that you will be able to enjoy all season. Whatever you are growing, we have the right food to help you enjoy a bumper crop.

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