At the busiest and most exciting time of year, it’s easy to forget those little Christmas must-haves. While trying to find everything on your loved ones’ Christmas lists (and making your own), it’s often the Christmas essentials which get overlooked. That’s why we’ve put together this handy list of Christmas must-haves to help you get sorted in time for the big man himself.

Whether you’re looking to string up some Christmas lights, display the perfect wreath or decorate your tree, we’ve got everything you need, as well plenty of festive ideas on how to make the mammoth task of wrapping presents just a little bit easier this year.

The little must-haves:

Here’s our quick-fire Christmas list of the essentials you’ll need to make your festive preparations a piece of (Christmas) cake:

Whizzing through the wrapping

Let’s start with the fiddliest task of them all…wrapping! It’s typically the last thing on our list of things to do but always seems to take the longest. Don’t leave the wrapping to a mad dash on Christmas Eve this year. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves to help you get it sorted long before the big day.

Wrapping essentials

Before tackling the mountains of wrapping, make sure you’ve got these essentials to hand:

Tape – from £0.35 – Try our tape with a dispenser to help you whizz through the mountain of present wrapping
Jute string twin pack – £1 – For string that will co-ordinate with almost every kind of paper, look no further
Gift tags – from 85p – Speed through labelling up presents
Scissors – from £1 – Scissors for kids and scissors for grown-ups – power through the wrapping


Adhesive tapeJute String

Top tips for present wrapping

  • Start by finding a flat surface—it’ll make the present wrapping so much easier. An area free of clutter and toys is ideal so you’re not constantly elbowing things as you go
  • Always have sharp scissors at the ready for a straight, clean cut. Blunt scissors will mean you spend longer slicing through the paper and it’s more likely to tear
  • For a super neat finish, use double sided tape to hold the paper in place. When taping the paper together, try not to tape the gift itself (just in case it needs to be returned!)
  • Always wrap with the paper join facing downwards. Place your gift upside down on the gift wrap so it always meets in the right place. Be sure to cut away any excess paper too so you’re not left with big bulges at the sides!
  • The finishing touches make that perfectly chosen gift extra special! Finish your gift wrapping with a coordinating ribbon or bow and a gift tag

Tackling those awkward shapes

No matter how hard you try, there’s always that one present that just refuses to look good in wrapping paper! It always seems to be the one you get to last too. Don’t worry, we’ve got loads of ways you can beat that awkward present, and there’s not a hint of wrapping paper in sight:

  • Because of their shape, bottles are one of the hardest things to wrap. It’s guaranteed that you’ll be giving at least one of your friends or relatives their favourite tipple this year, so save yourself the hassle of wrapping and pop it in a bottle bag instead
  • The smaller the present, the harder it becomes to wrap. 9 times out of 10 you end up with more wrapping paper than present! Why not give smaller items such as jewellry or sweets in a pretty organza bag? The drawstring will stop any items falling out.
  • If you prefer to give lots of little gifts to someone rather than one big one, save yourself some time wrapping them all individually by making up a hamper. Our make your own hamper sets will help display your gifts beautifully, and you won’t need to wrap a single one!
  • Kids got more presents than you realised!? Why spend ages wrapping them all when the paper will get ripped off in seconds anyway? Simply pop them all in a gorgeous Santa sack. Not only will it save you time but the kids are sure to think it’s been hand delivered by Santa
  • If you really have to use wrapping paper, why not pop the gift in a plain box padded out with tissue paper? The box will make it so much easier to wrap

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Putting up Christmas lights

Light up your home in less time with these little must-haves:

Mini gutter hooks – £1 – Make lighting up the house stress-free this year
Self adhesive hooks 6 pack – £2.50 – Create a tidy finish to your lighting decorations
Outdoor extension lead 15 metres – £20 – Never run short of cable again
Cable clips – from 85p – Keep all your cables tidy and out of sight

Self-adhesive hooksextension leadcable clips

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Decorating your tree and home

These must-haves will make the Christmas decorating a breeze:

Tartan Christmas tree skirt – £10 – Prettily disguise the bottom of your tree whether real or artificial
Remote control wall plug – £15 – The days of crouching behind the tree, over presents and under branches to turn the tree lights on are gone! Banish all the hassle with a remote control wall plug
Batteries – from £1.50 – Power up your decorations (and of course the toys on Christmas morning)
24h timer switch – £4 – Save energy and stay safe by timing when your indoor or outdoor light displays turn on and off

Remote Control Plug SocketAA batteries24-hour timer switch

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Hanging up the Christmas wreath

Make sure the Christmas wreath is proudly displayed with these essentials:

Giant suction cups 10 pack – £1 – No more struggling with nails or hammers this year
Metal wreath hanger – £1.50 – Hang on your door for instant decoration satisfaction
Removable adhesive hooks – from £2.50 – Say ‘so long’ to ruining wall paint with these super-handy hanging hooks – a great alternative to pins
Oasis Christmas wreath ring – £4 – An essential for making your own wreath at home

Suction cup hooksOver-door wreath hookSelf-adhesive hooksOasis Christmas Wreath Ring

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