Getting the kids to help you out in the garden is a fantastic way to spend some quality time together and get them out in the fresh air. It’s also a great way to introduce them to fresh, healthy food – it’s a lot easier to get them to eat their greens if they’ve grown them themselves. Here are a few ways to get them to muck in.

One of the best ways to get the kids involved in the garden is to give them their own little patch to look after. Let them muck in with digging over the ground over and laying compost and top soil. Plant it with fast growing plants or crops like French beans or sunflowers so they don’t get bored waiting for something to happen.

It’s a good idea to give them a theme, so if they like pizzas, let them grow the ingredients needed for pizza toppings, such as basil and tomatoes.

To help build enthusiasm for their own little patch of land, get them to create their own scarecrow to help guard their crops. You can use an old broom, paper plate, twigs, sticky tape and paint to complete the job!

Little Gardeners’ top 5

Here are our favourite picks from our gardening range that’ll help get kids interested in gardening and growing their own fruit and veg.

1. Cool Carrots

Kids’ll love growing and eating these unusual ball-shaped carrots.

2. Sunflower activity kit

Race to see whose sunflower grows the highest, fastest!

3. Grass haircut pot

Grow their own little Mr or Mrs Grass Pot, then cut their ‘hair’ into loads of different styles.

4. Flower mix

A flower bed in a box. Growing their own beautiful flower patch couldn’t be easier.

5. Sweet strawberries

The sweetest strawberries are fresh from the plant. What kid (or adult for that matter) could resist?

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