Kids love to get involved and the kitchen is a great place to spark creativity and get stuck in, especially on those wet, rainy days.

Whether it’s making savoury snacks or sweet treats, cooking is a great activity – and there’s no beating a bit of good old fashioned baking… just be prepared to see more mix on the floor than in the bowl! It’s a great opportunity for kids to learn new skills and enjoy their own creations.

Check out our top ideas for getting creative in the kitchen this summer…

What do they love to eat?

If your kids have favourite meals or snacks, teaching them how to make them from scratch can be a great way of increasing their understanding of the importance of healthy eating. If you’ve got a vegetable patch why not get the kids involved in harvesting some of the vegetables that will be ready now? You’ll no doubt have a lovely crop of runner beans, cucumbers, second early potatoes, carrots or onions by now that the kids can help to collect. Plan a meal in the evening that involves using your freshly picked ingredients and enjoy them at their best!

Make food fun

The quickest and easiest way to make food fun is by creating funny faced pizzas. You could start from scratch or pick up a base from your local supermarket, or just buy a plain cheese and tomato pizza. Use their favourite toppings like pepperoni, mushrooms or chicken to make features such as eyes, a nose and mouth. Not only will it be a load of fun to create, it’ll be even tastier to eat afterwards!

Gingerbread men

The best thing about baking gingerbread treats is the decorating! It’s nice and easy for kids – use writing icing, cake decorations, sweets… whatever takes your fancy. Head over to our gingerbread men recipe blog for an easy to make recipe, and check out our gingerbread man and cupcake cutters.

Gingerbread men

Pick a theme

It can be fun to make dishes that the kids have never tried before – it could be as simple as a fruit salad filled with unusual fruits from around the world. For those lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere exotic this year, create a whole menu made up of dishes from that country… a sure bet to get everyone excited!

Lessons for life

Learning to cook is a great life lesson, especially for older kids who are becoming more and more independent. Pick a dish a week over the summer holidays to teach them how to cook… by the time they’re fully grown and off to uni or moving out, you won’t have to worry about them going hungry!

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