Thanks to recent hit show The Walking Dead and iconic movies like 28 Days Later, this year’s hot (or should that be cold?) Halloween look is one that’s also dead easy to create – the spooktacular zombie.

If you’d like to join the living dead this Halloween, our frightful zombie zip kit contains everything you need. Simply follow our 5 step guide for a look to die for. Muahahaha!

Get the look

First off, think about your outfit and decide what kind of zombie you’d like to be. Think zombie Victorian, zombie celebrity or zombie cheerleader! You could even just wear old clothes that are about ready to be binned. There are so many possibilities, but it’s good to wear a top you don’t mind getting dirty, in case the fake blood or make-up spreads.

Next, it’s time to ‘RIP’ open the zombie zip kit

Step 1:

Apply the white face paint with the supplied sponge to give you that stone-cold look. Use the black face paint around your eyes, and you could even add a little under the cheekbones to create shadow-like contouring.

white face paint

Step 2:

Stick on the zip, starting with the pull tab end on your forehead, and taking it down either side of your nose and mouth. The zip has a self-adhesive back, so simply position and stick.

halloween zombie zip kit without blood white face

Step 3:

Apply the white liquid latex around your mouth and nose (between the zipper), to make wounds and scars.

Step 4:

Re-touch the skin with the horror flesh sachet to create peeling and dripping skin. Gross but impactful!

Step 5:

Finally, use the pencil brush to add fake blood. This can be a bit messy, but a few drips on your costume can help to add to the look!

Halloween zombie zip kit completed look

We’d love to see your blood-curdling creations, tweet us at @lovewilko or contact us via our Facebook page with your spooky snaps.

Whatever your Halloween mission is, we’ve got everything you need to make your home look horrifying, petrify friends at a party and terrify trick-or-treaters. Because when you really want to get spooky stuff done, where there’s a Wilko, there’s a way!

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