It’s nearly that time of year again when students around the country will have finished their last exam and had their last big night out before the long summer break. But before waving goodbye to another semester and another year, there’s the accommodation deposit to think about! With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of our top tips for getting through the big, end-of-year clean up, as well as some pointers on things to bear in mind before locking up one last time. Whether you’ve been roped in as a parent or you’re a student wondering where to start, we’ll help you get through it all in no time.

The big clean-up

We’re not going to lie, this probably isn’t going to be a walk in the park, but if you and your cleaning team (enthusiastic students) follow our cleaning routine with our tried and tested tips and fail-safe products, you’re sure to get the place shining before you know it!

Step 1 – Put on your armour. Do not think about starting without a trusty pair of strong rubber gloves, and make sure you’re armed with all the cleaning productscloths and bin bags you could possibly need (always overestimate on this, trust us!).

Step 2 – Start with the kitchen and tackle the big jobs like cleaning the oven and fridge while you still have the energy. These might be nasty jobs, but you’ll be pleased to get them out of the way early on. A specialist oven cleaner should do most of the hard work. For the microwave, stick a cup of water with vinegar and a slice of lemon inside and switch on for a couple of minutes to avoid having to use up all your much-needed elbow grease! A good-quality kitchen cleaner will help you tackle the fridge and work surfaces. And some floor cleaner will help you get the place smelling beautiful once again.

Step 3 – Stains and spillages are part of student life like rain is part of the English summer, so there will no doubt be a fair amount of anonymous stains to get tackling. To revive the furniture and carpets, you’ll need a powerful stain remover suitable for fabrics. To banish any lingering smells, make sure to use carpet fragrance or deodoriser.

Step 4 – Be brave, it’s time to step into the bathroom. Armed with your trusty rubber gloves, a good bathroom cleaner and plenty of bleach, you will get through this!

Step 5 – Polish up. Finish off the big clean by banishing any lingering dust with some trusty polish and dusters. Don’t forget your anti-bacterial wipes and microfibre cloths, which will clean away a multitude of sins!

Space saver

If there’s no way everything can be brought back in your car, and it’s stuff that’s going to be needed next year, it might be worth considering keeping the less crucial items, such as course books and kitchenware, in a local storage warehouse. It will save time and space and give you one less thing to worry about too.

Take note

Dig out the inventory that should have been filled in at the start of the year. This lists everything included in the property, and whether there was any pre-existing damage. If there’s damage in the house that hasn’t been noted on the inventory, the landlord should be made aware to avoid any costly repairs after moving out. Use this inventory to check everything is still where it should be and nothing’s missing. It’s also a good idea to take photos that show the house’s condition when leaving in case of any later disputes.

Bills, bills, bills

In the chaos of moving, lots of us forget about the bills. It’s really important that all the utility accounts are closed down, you’ve taken final meter readings and paid off any balances. This includes cancelling any phone and broadband contracts as well as the TV licence (definitely worth the time – you might be entitled to a partial refund).

And remember, if the landlord returns less of the deposit than expected, there are people who can offer help and advice. The uni accommodation office is a good starting point.

We’d love to hear if you’ve got any cleaning hacks or tips. Drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter, and don’t forget to show us your befores and afters on Instagram!

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