Autumn has finally given way to winter and whoa aren’t those mornings crisp?! We’ve come up with a list of ways to prepare for the colder months that are still to come, from staying safe to keeping your self warm, fit and healthy:

Get your kitchen winter ready

As the cold nights draw in, and we look to keep warm, our mind naturally turns towards warming foods such as soups, stews and slow cooker delights. As well as being nice and comforting, it’s important that we get enough nutrients in our food to fight off the inevitable wave of cold and flu. One pots and hearty stews are perfect for winter. Better still, slow cooker recipes make for convenient and cheap cooking because you can often use cheaper cuts of meat such as chicken thighs instead of breasts. So here are our tips for eating well this winter:

1. Eat slow-releasing breakfasts

Porridge is perfect for this and should keep you full till lunch. Top it off with nuts and berries for some added nutrition.

2. Pick slow-cooker recipes that are rich in Vitamin C, zinc and iron

Sweet potatoes, peppers and tomatoes are great for this and will go perfect with chicken in the slow-cooker. Just set and forget! Serve with kale and spinach for your zinc and iron intake.

3. Meal prep

During winter time it can be easy to get home from work and curl up in a blanket with a quick ready meal. So, as well as making slow-cooker dinners, why not make several dinners in one go and box them up and freeze them? Just take one out of the freezer each morning. It’s a great way to stop you opting for convenience food.

Top tip: As well as getting a sufficient amount of nutrients to help fight off viruses, exercise and a good night’s sleep can go a long way in boosting your immune system. Overwork and a lack of sleep can leave you vulnerable, especially over the winter months.

Winter-proof your home

Inside your home

The winter weather can sometimes cause problems for your home. It’s probably the first time in months that your boiler has been turned on, so if you’re hearing unusual noises coming from the boiler, it’s probably best to get it serviced by a Gas Safe engineer. And if you’ve noticed a cold radiator in your home, try to bleed it. If you’re unsure how, then have a read of our blog on how to bleed a radiator.

Check that your window seals are intact. A loose or broken seal will cause hot air to escape resulting in you having to heat your home for longer. Check out our home insulation range online.

Winter-proofing the outside of your home

As lovely as autumn leaves are, when they fall off the trees they often find their way into your guttering, along with sticks and other garden debris. If this isn’t cleared out regularly, rainwater can stop flowing to your drain causing it to overflow and potentially break your guttering.

Sweep up the leaves from your garden paths – they’re dangerous when they’re wet and slippery. Also, trim lawn edges to keep your garden looking neat for longer. You could plant some tulip bulbs so you’ll have lovely colour in the garden come spring time.

Birds need our help in the winter, so hang up bird feeders and keep bird baths filled with clean water. Birds will flock to them when they can no longer forage for natural food.

Get your living room cosy

Curtains can help lock in heat, so investing in thermal curtains might just be what your living room needs for the winter. How about adding a couple of throws to your set up, they’re perfect for grabbing and snuggling down with in the evening.

Get your bedroom winter ready

Adding layers is the perfect way to get your bedroom winter ready. Have you switched over to a winter duvet? How about getting a throw to keep the heat locked in? A hot water bottle in bed is a great idea for the winter too. Pop it under your covers before you head to bed so it’s is all nice and toasty.

If a throw isn’t enough for you, go one step further and add an electric blanket to your bed. And if you have a wooden floor, keep your feet from getting cold with a fluffy rug.


Prepare your face and body for winter

As well as layering up with jumpers, your face and body needs protection too. Skin needs extra hydration and moisture because it is susceptible to damage during colder weather. Pick up a good lip balm too, to protect from the cold.

Winter-proof your car

Winter weather can cause hazardous driving conditions so it’s best to go out on a car journey well prepared. Before you head off, check your tyre treads and pressure, and make sure you have enough petrol in your car. Check that your lights are working, including your fog lights. If you’re heading out in harsh conditions keep a hi-vis vest, snow shovel, a foil blanket and a torch in your bag. Don’t forget the phone charger too. Check out our range of car essentials and accessories online.

Find some winter sun

And finally, if you need to get away from the cold, there are plenty of places you can escape to to find some winter sun. The Caribbean is in the high 20s at this time of year. And if you’re looking for something closer to home then how about Lanzarote? Just pack a suitcase and holiday essentials and away you go!

Follow these hints and tips for a healthy, safe and warm(er) winter!

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