Monday 29th June marks the start of Wimbledon 2015, where 500,000 spectators from around the world will head to South West London for two weeks of tennis, strawberries and cream… and the inevitable frustrating wait under an umbrella! It’s the biggest tennis tournament in the world, and millions of us will be tuning in to see if Novak Djokovic and Petra Kvitova can retain their trophies.

Why not celebrate the start of Wimbledon whilst also keeping the kids entertained with a spot of tennis yourself? It’s a load of fun for the whole family, and easy to set up a little court in your garden. If you’ve got a driveway or large patio area, simply mark up a court using chalk – it doesn’t have to be full size, and the smaller the better for little stars in the making. If you have grass, why not use your lawnmower to cut the grass short in a rectangular shape to form your court – it’ll be easy to see when the ball goes out of play!

tennis player wimbledon

When you’ve got your court, check out our great value Match Point Tennis Set – with two rackets and a ball you’ll be well on your way. It’s handy to have a few extra balls in case one ends up in the neighbour’s hedge (or the dog’s mouth!) so check out our 3 pack for a few spares. Don’t worry if you don’t have space for a court – give our All Surface Swingball Set a go! It’s the UK’s number one tennis game, and a great way to develop hand-eye co-ordination in younger players. With our set, all the components pack away into the base, ideal for storage and transportation for weekends away – also perfect if you’re having a summer staycation.

If you don’t have any outdoor space, or the heavens open when you’re about to play, you can still get into the spirit of Wimbledon with a game of table tennis! Our ‘ace’ Ping Pong Set contains bats, balls, and a net.

tennis net

All that exercise is bound to make you a little hungry and rather thirsty, so why not ‘serve’ up a bowl of strawberries and cream, and a jug of Pimm’s for the adults? You can always make juice for the kids… or should that be deuce?! Check out the lovely Mason Cash Strawberry Mixing Bowl, big enough for plenty of strawberries for the whole family, and our 1 Litre Glass Jug and Mason Glass Jar which are both ideal for Pimm’s or juice.

For a fun family day, we’d call that game, set and match!

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