Finding ways to keep the kids entertained can be a mammoth task at the best of times. When the weather takes a turn for the worse, this task can seem harder still. Despair not! We’ve come up with some fantastic ideas to keep the ankle biters distracted over the holidays. And they’re ideas that won’t break the bank either. We call that a win!

Crafts are a great way of capturing children’s imagination. Not only does crafting provide hours of fun but it’s also great for building skills and cognitive development. We’ve come up with some of our favourite top tips and simple crafts that you and the kids can get involved with together.

Colouring in

Every child loves to get the crayons out and create their own magical world of colour, and whilst colouring books and activity books will never get old, there are a number of different things you can do that will offer a special holiday twist on the standard colouring-in activity.

With our great-value craft kits, your nipper can colour in their own wooden animals, create their own jigsaw, paint their own piggy bank, or even decorate their own picture frame!

colouring bookspaint your own wooden animalpiggy bank craftdecorate your own picture

Modelling Dough

It’s something that has been around for years but modelling dough never fails to keep children entertained for hours on end. With all the right modelling tools for the job, it’s easy to create masterpieces! How about injecting even more fun into the mix by making a game out of it? Why not try out these ideas to make the fun and games last even longer:

Guess what I’ve made – Take it in turns to create an animal or object with the dough and then let the other person guess what it is. This game is perfect for getting the whole family involved, and can even be played in teams for even more fun.

Memory game – Using four different colours of modelling dough, take two balls of dough in each colour (so eight balls in total) and hide these under eight identical cups. Mix them all around so the guesser no longer know which cup the colours are under. Then, turning two cups over at a time, ask the guesser to remember where the matching pairs are and repeat until all of them have been found!

Card making

Sometimes the simplest activities can be the best. Get back to basics and see what you and your little one can create with some coloured paper, paintsglitter and stickers.

With the aid of some child-friendly scissors, you and your kids can create cards for their friends…or you could even enlist them into helping you make birthday cards for your own friends! With added touches, from our kids’ art and craft range, it’s easy to create some truly unique and personal designs.

coloured cardCrayola washable paintsglitter shakers for craftbutterfly and flower stickers

Beads and bracelets

To really get stuck into a project that will also leave you with a memorable keepsake, look no further than bracelet making – a brilliant answer to their half-term boredom this year. With our variety of beads in different colours and styles, as well as bead-threading string complete with clasps, you can really let their imagination loose… After all, is there anything better than a pretty present lovingly made from home?

striped beadsbead stringAlphabet beads Flower beads

Dress up & make-believe

Dress-up play has been shown to engage children’s imagination, help them explore themselves, strengthen relationships and improve communication. Equipped with accessories from our play dress up range, there’s no end to the adventures that the kids can have. Encourage them to be whoever they want to be.

For even more inspiration, take a look out our full make-believe range on

Feeling adventurous? Try our number one craft tip!

Paper Plate Snake

If you’re feeling really creative, why not have a go at making a paper plate snake? All you need is:

Pack of Large White Paper Plates
Roll of Bubble Film
Rolling Pin
Green Paint
Wiggly Eyes
Tissue Paper

  1. Start by wrapping a rolling pin in bubble wrap and taping this together.
  2. Then, using one of the paper plates, squirt plenty of green paint onto it.
  3. Roll the rolling pin in the green paint until covered.
  4. Using the painted rolling pin, roll this over another (clean) paper plate – this will create the ‘scales’ of the snake.
  5. Leave to dry before cutting the plate in a spiral, leaving a head for the snake in the middle.
  6. Stick on two wiggly eyes of your choice.
  7. Cut out a tongue from the red tissue paper, making sure to cut a ‘v’ in it to achieve a snake-like tongue!
  8. Voila! Pick up the snake by its head and see it bounce around! You could even have a go at making some other snakes in different colours – we think red and black are great for creating a scarier-looking snake!

Whatever crafts you decide to do with the kids this half-term, be sure to check out our fantastic range of art supplies and craft kits. We’ve got everything you need to make sure the kids are kept entertained for hours on end. We’d love to hear your top tips for keeping the kids busy – don’t forget to share your craft creations on our Facebook or Twitter page.

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